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Guerrilla Fights

Day 1,948, 06:07 Published in Denmark Denmark by Ana Zla Mackica

Hello everyone! Tonight I'll be introducing The Guerrilla Fights, introduced today to all players. As I could see, the reception was mixed to negative, with many players complaining about not being able to find an opponent or not being satisfied with the rewards. Anyway, I will explain how it works, and it's up to you to decide whether you like it or not.

1. Equipment

There are four types of weapons available: pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and snipers. They can be bought with currency. Those are the basic weapons, but there are “super items” as well – “Type X Sniper Rifle” and “Type X Frag Grenade”, they cost more and can only be bought with gold, 0.11 gold a piece (roughly 33 cc). Weapons don’t have durability, but they must be replaced when you’re out of ammo and clips (magazines). To achive maximum efficiency you should use weapons from a specific distance (e.g. snipers are best used from 700m).

Armor items consist of a pair of boots, a helm an armor. All of them have durability showing the number of fights they can be used in. Wearing them will slow you down and reduce your agility (you’ll be able to move to a lesser distance), but you’ll be able to take more damage.

Th equipment for The Guerilla Fights can’t be manufactured, it can only be bought from the inventory page or received as a reward for winning a fight. When you buy an item it is placed in inventory. You can either click and drag item to the left in order to use it in the next fight, or you can throw it away by clicking thrash can.

Now, every weapon or armor has attributes directy influencing player attributes:
*armor – amount of damage you can receive before starting to lose energy
*accuracy – higher accuracy means better chance to hit your opponent
*agility – determines distance you can move in one turn. The default value is 200m.

At the beginning of each battle your Strenght and Rang are weighted against that of your opponent’s to determine Bonus Damage. Weaker player will have Bonus Damage of 1, and the stronger player will have larger bonus, depending on how much stronger he is.

2. Choosing a weapon:
You can take basic weapon – Weapon 1. You can also take three backup weapons. After buying a weapon you can drag it from inventory to a weapon slot. These are weapons and their attributes:

Weapon 1

It’s the first weapon to appear in the fight. It decides the first move you’ll take. You are placed at some distance from your opponent, so the choice of weapon is very important. E.g. distance between you and your opponent is 500m and you have a gun. You have a very little chance to hit your target. If the distance is 50m and you have a sniper rifle, you will have little chance to hit too. Each turn there is a chance to deal critical damage to your opponent

Weapon 2

This is a grenade. There are two types:

The grenade always has 100% chance to hit, but deals no critical damage.


E.g. helmet reduces your agility by 3, but increases your armor by 4, and it lasts for 3 turns.

3. Joining a Fight

You need to defeat five players on the battlefield to be able to join a Guerrilla Fight. You have to click the button on the right bottom of the screen to begin scan for an opponent. You will fight against an enemy player with the closest attributes to yours, if there is at least one available. If there are no enemy players looking to join a Guerrilla Fight, you will have to wait until someone does. If an opponent for you isn’t found in a time, you have to defeat another opponent in order for The Guerilla Fight button to appear again. If one side involved in the battle has more than 1400 Domination Points the fight will not start (because there may not be enough time to finish it).

The Guerrilla Fight is only available in direct battles, not in the Resistance Wars.
You need 100 health to enter the fight. At the beginning of the fight both you and your opponent will have 100 health. You can’t use energy bars, and you can’t replenish energy.

You can’t increase your health, but you can increase your armor points. If you are fully equiped, you have 100 health points + 8 for armor + 4 for helmet and +4 for boots, and that’s 116 in total.

Before a fight starts, there will be pre-fight screen showing a head to head comparison of the two opponents. The “Bonus Damage” is an indicator of each player’s strength in relation to the opponent (if there is an even match, both players will have similar Bonus Damage). Both players enter the fight with maximum 100 Energy. The Energy that is about to be used in the Guerrilla Fight is now removed from the total Energy.

4. The Fight

The combat is divided in rounds; players can perform one action/round. The basic actions are listed below:

FIRE - shoot with the equipped weapon
MOVE - get closer or farther away from your opponent
DODGE - lowers the opponent’s hit chance. If a grenade is present it will be used.
RELOAD - when you run out of ammo the FIRE button will turn into RELOAD
Change weapon- opens the weapon list

In the top left corner you can see the last 4 rounds. Each turn lasts 16 seconds, and since there are 20 turns, fight lasts about five and a half minutes max, but depending on the time needed for players to choose their next move, it can be much shorter.

5. Fight Results

The player who loses all his Energy first is defeated. In case of a draw the player who dealt more damage wins. The Energy that is not lost in the Guerrilla Fight is returned to the total Energy. Each player will add an amount of damage to the influence bar of the battle, depending on his Strength and Military Rank. The winner will add substantially more damage than the defeated player. The damage added to the influence bar is cumulated with the damage dealt prior to the Guerrilla Fight. It also counts for achievements like Battle Hero, Campaign Hero or True Patriot. Players will receive Rank Points according to the amount of damage added to the influence bar. The winning player also receives one item as a reward.



pho3nix Day 1,948, 12:10

This stinks copy-paste. Go home.

rodrigodjcf Day 1,948, 15:11

Racist and you are the begist person who wants to receive laurels

pho3nix Day 1,948, 15:13

I'm sorry, I didn't understand anything beyond me being racist.

Rex Danorum
Rex Danorum Day 1,948, 16:48

"begist person who wants to receive laurels" lol wtf does this mean??

rodrigodjcf Day 1,948, 19:10

go to dicionary this is a portuguese expression

Rex Danorum
Rex Danorum Day 1,949, 03:24

Begist = biggest or what do you mean? And still don't quite get it? "recieve laurels" is equal to "recieve honor/glory/achievements"?

Lutharus Day 1,949, 18:40

Racist? Nobody mentioned race... I could go for "nationalist" but racist? No... Please learn the meaning of words before you use them. Start by learning these: we do not want you PTO bastards here...

rodrigodjcf Day 1,949, 07:00

yes Sr. Rex thank you for explain

Rex Danorum
Rex Danorum Day 1,949, 10:19

Well I just had a lot of trouble understanding it, but I'm still not sure I totally understand it. Appart from that I still don't welcome Ana Zla Mackica because she looks like PTO to me. Haven't got any good explanation to why she is in eDenmark. She haven't applied for citizenship on our forum an kind of sneaked in an began running for CP. I also don't now anything about you and from your actions regarding Ana Zla Mackica makes me label you as PTO also.

Regarding you calling people racist for not wanting people trying to PTO our country it would fit you to deal with that word with more caution in the future. It actually is a word that is rather powerful and shouldn't be devalued by throwning it around, just because some people in a game is suspicious towards you. Have nothing in common with racisme so please stop it.

Why are you in eDenmark rodrigodjcf? Any friends or some special relation to the country or are you just supporting Ana Zla Mackica in a PTO?

pho3nix Day 1,949, 08:07

Oh, I'm definitely in Denmark for the "glory". And I guess I have been so for five years too, that makes sense.

Lutharus Day 1,949, 18:47

And all IRL loves the fact that you are here... You are the proof that all nationalities can be accepted by IRL danes if theyreally want to be accepted...

Lutharus Day 1,949, 18:36

And now in Haiku:

By now you must know
You are not wanted by us
Go fish other ponds...

Lutharus Day 1,949, 18:43

Comment deleted

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