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Guerrilla Fight Explained

Day 2,168, 08:41 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by ULTRABOTEV

It's been a while since Guerrilla fight module is around. Much has been said about it, but primarily from the eRepublik citizens. Nothing to be heard from this guy:

And so, since he wouldn't say anything about the formulas that determine someone should make a critical with sniper from 95m or who would get 4 straight dodge misses vs. 0, I decided to take over and present you the Guerrilla fight reality.

Step 1: You don't know what you're getting into

Step 2: You're on the verge of making a serious mistake

Step 3: You don't know what's really going on around

Step 4: The damage is irreversibly done

And that are the 4 steps that will lead you to madness or desperation. 🙂

You can write as many tickets as you want, but no one really bothers to explain anything to you - template answer is enough. Further development of the module is really not something the eRepublik staff thinks they can profit from, therefore the best decision is to get the older and stronger citizens, most of whom give money and is better to be happy but nevermind, even more frustrated.

Good job so far. But hey... look at the bright side, Plato. You can always make things worse. 🙂

Signed by: Everyone who has wasted too much time on this sh*t


Sedem.dva Day 2,168, 08:45

Плато имал брат, па оня му го нахендрил в тъмното и се родила тая блядска дриШня. И те така.

Baistef Day 2,168, 08:53

блядска дришня 😃

buru Day 2,168, 08:49

Great article. I approve this message!!!!

Baistef Day 2,168, 08:52

Briliant article.You have my applause. o/

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 2,168, 08:55

Haha, Great article.
GF are shyte for real. The only reason I keep playing them is for 10xq7 bonus damage

Naz Ghul
Naz Ghul Day 2,168, 08:55



FriedmanPAS Day 2,168, 08:59

vote + sub!!

Vadisz Day 2,168, 09:00

Great article .
I loose any hope for honesty .That's why i stop to play GF.


Shiina Sayane
Shiina Sayane Day 2,168, 09:02

I stopped playing it since a month,also stopped to fight at all,only fight for str reward.

STOYCH3V Day 2,168, 09:04

Sad true story again, like everything in this stupid game:(

Simonymous Day 2,168, 09:04

та та ра да та тааа

titillica Day 2,168, 09:05

I said it myself also: sometimes it turns stupid this guerilla fights. Most important thing is that they just DO NOT improve it.

Uncrowned  King
Uncrowned King Day 2,168, 09:06

This happened when Plato wanted to integrate counter strike in a browser game 😛

PanJaugien Day 2,168, 09:10

true, feeling exactly the same.

xXxDefactorxXx Day 2,168, 09:13

Guerilla Fights Made in China

fernandoperez11 Day 2,168, 09:15

I hope that it's get better in the future. Good article.

FPS1 Day 2,168, 09:16

Breaking news : "Plato invents account dissolve button, 250.000 citizens commit suicide"

King Solaris
King Solaris Day 2,168, 09:16

Agree! o7

TelefIyer Day 2,168, 09:16

voted, too many bugs and illogical things. gf module can be huge improved, but seems admin team dont want listen to players, we maked many tickets and nothing....

yEch Day 2,168, 09:16


DnPijote Day 2,168, 09:18

Вярно е!

Gmox Day 2,168, 09:18

voted! o7

johnias Day 2,168, 09:18


RoboCopele Day 2,168, 09:19

Guerilla Fights are like Girl Friends, ilogical and unpredictable. But that's where the similarities end.

ManuR Day 2,168, 09:24

with Boy Friends is at the same 😛

Spuzva Bob
Spuzva Bob Day 2,168, 09:22

"You can write as many tickets as you want, but no one really bothers to explain anything to you - template answer is enough"

.. so true...

great article, congrats

P.s.Ukr. Day 2,168, 09:22


Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov
Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov Day 2,168, 09:24


Mapplna Day 2,168, 09:30

I only played twice, and so far I still dont understand how can be that people like that sh*t 😛

erepub1ik Day 2,168, 09:30

Great article. All true, too many bugs.
wasted gold for an untrusted game.

v & s

ULTRABOTEV Day 2,168, 09:38

Beware! We present you the new and one of a kind SNIPER PISTOLS. 900m is not an issue to them.

CatBea Day 2,168, 09:31

One Good idea that went completely wrong due to illogical and unpredictable behavior, at a certain extent a GF should be somehow unpredictable the problem is when it becomes non sense

Timancol Day 2,168, 09:33


Mictlanteuctli Day 2,168, 09:39


Jisugej Day 2,168, 09:41

True story...

purebg Day 2,168, 09:48

" the formulas that determine someone should make a critical with sniper from 95m or who would get 4 straight dodge misses vs. 0"

I don't think there is such formula that can explain what is really happening in guerrilla fights

ULTRABOTEV Day 2,168, 10:02

Quote from erep staff: "Unfortunately the formulas used on guerrilla fights aren't public, and therefore can't be shared."

So yeah, it's doubtful if there are any formulas at all. :>

Elle Dinar Andari
Elle Dinar Andari Day 2,168, 09:55


Azure Falcon
Azure Falcon Day 2,168, 09:56

Good job, great article! o7
Some of my questions about the guerilla fight are not answered yet:
1. How is it possible, that I can fight with somebody from D4 when their battle is over, or the points are over 1400 in D4?
2. When an enemy fled from the battlefield, should I recieve 20x max hit, or 10x max hit? Sometimes the frist one happens sometimes the second one. I submitted a ticket about this a few days ago, because a friend of mine was in the same situation. Previously, admins admitted the failure and compensate him with 2 energy bars. I told them about this and the reply to my letter was: "Conversations between admin/support is private and penalties can be applied." Oh, thanks really, that helped a lot 😃

MitkoRadev Day 2,169, 03:41

Enemies are NOT chosen according to the battle you fight in , i depends somehow on your citizenship, and maybe the MPPs of you citizen country.

Azure Falcon
Azure Falcon Day 2,169, 05:51

Good to know, thanks 🙂

MitkoRadev Day 2,169, 11:26

You may PM the Guerila fight opponent for the battle he is fighting, sometimes you may both fight in the same battle on the same side 🙂

She Is A Gun
She Is A Gun Day 2,168, 09:57

Nicely said.

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Day 2,168, 10:02

if there are bugs Guerrilla is bad
if there are no bugs Guerrilla is good (as good as erepublik can be)

R U C U L A Day 2,168, 10:12


krispo Day 2,168, 10:15

True that.
I made ~100 fights and it's enough; no more that shit!

Tervel 2
Tervel 2 Day 2,168, 10:16


maxXxy666 Day 2,168, 10:17


eDuH uDeoT
eDuH uDeoT Day 2,168, 10:20


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