Gucio16 for president!

Day 2,281, 16:04 Published in Denmark Denmark by Gucio

Good evening my Danish friends!

As you know (or the Danes should know) Kristian has recently (an hour ago) created a thread on the Danish forums about the March Country President elections!

It's quite soon, but I thought WHOA I need to start selling myself right away!

Anyway, let's get to the point, I the greatest Gucio16 would like to declare that I would like to be a candidate for the March CP elections!

Now, what can I offer! Well... Here we are, this is a one time offer, so please consider it SERIOUSLY.

Firstly, if I get elected the month of March 2014 will be a theft free month! I can happily declare that NO cars will be stolen from any Danish citizen throughout the whole month! (That means yes, you can happily leave your BMWs and Ferraris on the streets of Denmark, no one will steal them). Anyone found stealing them, will (BY ACCIDENT) fall of the Møns klint in Denmark.

Secondly, this month will be a great month for all Danes! All Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be a free days for all! That does indeed mean you can spend each weekend in a pub, with your family, or as in some cases fapping all day long. ENJOY!

Thirdly, March would be a very special month for all of us. I as the president would of course invade the Germans, which would be a huge advantage for all Danes! Guess why? Free beer and Bratwurst for all!

Lastly, the month of March would be fairly safe for the whole of Denmark. Any found PTOers would be dealt accordingly by the "Trust me I' the engineer" teams. Of course any experiments done on such people would be classified as entertaining and free to view for everyone!

Now... This part is for Danes only! All Danes (not PTOERS!) please go to the and if you follow the sections to find a thread where you can vote for the March CP Candidate! There, please make sure that you vote for Gucio16!

Please consider this offer very seriously, as this is one time offer!

Kindest Regards,
Your Gucio16
The CEO of the PL Car Garages in Denmark