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Greetings Norway

Day 1,915, 10:55 Published in Norway Czech Republic by Rhual

Hello Norway,

Im on a journey, of which you are the 23rd station. My aim is becoming the citizen of not 1 country, but the whole eWorld. Im trying to get citizenships from every nation, writing 1 article there about the country to their citizens and fighting for their side a little, just to make the fact that I was there appear on my profile page.

Here is the article about this trip

I would like to write about Norway from my RL point of view, not ingame, in spite of the fact I don’t know how many RL Norwegian live here.
By the way I won’t write too long articles about the countries, I rather let the pictures talk 🙂

First of all thank you for your trust that I may be here.

Don’t forget, Im here and write as a simple eWorld citizen, without any side. And again, Im talking about IRL, not ingame!

What is the first things which occurs to me about this country?

The home of the fjords. The base of the Nazis in the WWII. Hated country in the women handball because Norway is the best 😃 If sports, I like to watch Biathlon every winter time and Ole Einar Bjørndalen is the most successful sportman ever.
Neutrogena but that is an American company.
Of course the Vikings. Viking derives from the name Vík(in) 'the Norwegian coast of the Skagerrak Sea'.


Norway is the 68th biggest country in the world, 8th in Europe.
Now I just show you what I visit if I would go to Norway. And as I noticed, some of my readers are also curious about the given culture of the country.
My trip with the articles is a show, what places the world has. So my apologize if I do a mistake, Im trying to be informed via internet, sometimes it turns wrong.

I like to discover either ancient or cultural places, even natural sightseeing.

I hope everyone understands, searching for places “You must see” and making articles about every countries I’d visit takes huge time so I decided to adding only 2 pictures per place, not more, not less.

So let’s see them:

The capital, Oslo

Changing of the Royal Guard in Oslo

Vigeland Park in Oslo






The North Cape

The Geirangerfjord

Jostedalsbreen National Park

Arctic circle

The Snow Hotel in Kirkenes

Lofoten islands


Svalbard islands

Northern Lights

and other million beautiful places...

Finally let’s see some beauties:




Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 1,915, 11:57

Welcome to Norway, hope you enjoy your stay. Love your article. Voted and sub.

Johnnie Rebel
Johnnie Rebel Day 1,915, 12:03

Terrific article, loved the pictures too haha. Welcome to Norway

Rhual Day 1,915, 12:08

Terrific? 😃

Johnnie Rebel
Johnnie Rebel Day 1,915, 12:15


Pibasog Day 1,915, 13:01

very nice


Akashaton Day 1,915, 13:59

Great initiative! : D

Superferro Day 1,915, 16:11

a lot of lovely pictures ; )

Superferro Day 1,915, 16:12

ohh, I forgot:

hail Norway!! : )

Indigodavo95 Day 1,915, 18:09

first. a very nice article 🙂
but where are all the pictures from TROMSØ??

and last of all enjoy Norway, and the rest of your journey!

Rhual Day 1,916, 02:28

I could show many other beautiful places yet, but imagine this job, looking after so many places to show them, it takes huge time at 1 country, imagine at all 70... As I mentioned in my article, apologize if I miss something 🙂

OdagiriJoe Day 1,915, 19:56

vicky vette?

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Day 1,916, 13:01

Well, if you love porn, then she should be here, hehe...

Vileskont Day 1,915, 20:01

Great article fellow! thank you very much for it! As for the babes- that is why I say we have to win the miss eRepublik!

Rhual Day 1,916, 02:24

Haha, good luck in that. But if you check out my previous articles, you will see another pretty cool babes 😛

Georgij Zjukov
Georgij Zjukov Day 1,916, 11:39

Loved your article (and the pictures:D)

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Day 1,916, 13:11

The girls from the top to the bottom, in order of appearance;

* Lene Alexandra Øien - Former glam-model, turned fitness coach
* Uknown to me
* Carina Dahl - Glam-model, wannabe popstar and daughter of TNT’s “Diesel” Dahl
* Probably some random Miss Norway
* Monica Hansen - Former Playboy-playmate
* Triana Iglesias - Glam-model and tv-presenter
* Aylar Lie - Former porn”star” and glam-model
* Tove Lill Løyte - Glam-model and right-wing politician
* Linni Meister - Glam-model and wannabe popstar, infamous for her smurf-like voice
* Helene Rask - Former glam-model, turned fitness coach

Rhual Day 1,916, 13:58

2nd is Kirby Ann Basken
4th pic, right girl is Lene Egeli
the others are correct, good job 😛

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