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Greetings from the mighty Zulu Empire

Day 1,975, 09:16 Published in United Kingdom Poland by Shaka kaSenzangakhona

Greeting's from King Shaka kaSenzangakhona, leader of the mighty Zulu Empire!

I have been playing this game for around 4 months on and off but would now like to make a bigger impact

Having just bought my first Gold box I have today spent 93g upgrading my training grounds to level 4 and so will soon be showing my strength on the battlefield

I have also applied to run for Congress from the WRP and if elected promise to follow the rules set out by the leaders of the Country

For now I kindly ask for your vote despite being a short article!

King Shaka kaSenzangakhona.



Shaka kaSenzangakhona
Shaka kaSenzangakhona Day 1,975, 09:17


T1nk3r Day 1,975, 09:33

voted for der zulu

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,975, 09:51

Best of luck, Shaka KaSenzangakhona

Voted and subscribed

Pleased to see you have show an interest in representing the Workers' Rights Party and the UK in Congress.

CheetahCurtis Day 1,975, 10:31

Admit it, you just copied and pasted his name...

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