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Greetings from Colorado

Day 1,901, 14:03 Published in USA USA by Clint Carmel

Hello. Welcome to the first issue of "Musings from Cheyenne Mountain."

For those unfamiliar with the Rockie Mountains, Cheyenne Mountain is in Colorado. In popular culture, you have seen the familiar north entrance to this mountain on shows such as 'Jeremiah' or 'Stargate-SG1.'

In eRepublik, Colorado is my home, the place I was born around day 1900, and so it seemed appropriate to acknowledge that this is being written in the Air Force Gate Room, especially as I am a proud young airman in the eUSAF.

Here are some interesting facts about the real Colorado:

1) The name Colorado was chosen because it was commonly believed that the Colorado River originated in Colorado.
2) On August 1, 1876 (28 days after the Centennial of the United States), U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant signed a proclamation admitting Colorado to the Union as the 38th state and earning it the moniker "Centennial State".
3) Colorado became the first western state to host a major political convention when the Democratic Party met in Denver in 1908.

If you are not from the United States, you may have some knowledge of New York, California, Texas, and Washington. But there are 50 states, and each one is as interesting as the next. Except for Oregon. To this day, people still hike the Oregon trail but never get there.

* * *

In coming days, I will tell you a bit about myself, my goals and ambitions, and what I would like to see happen in the eUS and the eWorld. I will also write about the people and places I encounter, and try to present topics of interest to the general public. And, as a new player, there is still much I am figuring out, so I hope to present some tidbits to help other new players, because the concerns other new people are having are the same ones I am having. (For example, I spent 2 gold on this paper. That's 10% of my gold reserves. As the days go by, I'll let you know if I feel it was worth it.)

There is only so much interest to be had in clicking buttons, so my desire is give people like yourself some entertaining reading. I'm too young to teach, and too inexperienced to persuade, but if I give someone like yourself a smile now and then, then I will have achieved my first goal. The second goal is to keep writing a post a day for 100 days, until day 2000.

Then I can finally quit my job in eHawaii. The commute is killing me.



Haselrig Day 1,901, 15:42

I'm not from Oregon, but fifty-four forty or fight! jk. Excellent article, hope to see more.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,901, 22:30


Nobunaga the Fool
Nobunaga the Fool Day 1,902, 05:51

Excellent first article buddy! 🙂 voted and subbed

Dalan Di Celes
Dalan Di Celes Day 1,902, 09:50

Your ebirth was two days ago?

Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Day 1,902, 10:28

Yes, more or less. It might be three or four days ago. Plus I spent a day just reading threads and forums. And obviously, while new here, I'm not new in life. I am a college graduate and Navy vet (though sadly still a wog boot, having never crossed the equator.) And NCIS is my favorite show.

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