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Greetings Chaps

Day 1,826, 13:19 Published in South Africa South Africa by Badger06

Greetings Chaps



atrawall Day 1,826, 15:16

Why the name change? New persona coming with it?

Badger06 Day 1,826, 21:08

Tired of guys thinking i'm a chick. Plus RL name is Badger.

Hopefully a more chilled me.

LiquidIce Day 1,826, 21:23

For a moment there I thought you were drinking last night and had some fun...

atrawall Day 1,826, 22:17

Aw, I kinda liked the girl/guy charm. Merle Corey has the same problem. It was more the avatar than anything else though.

Wacky368 Day 1,826, 22:59

For a moment there I was wondering if someone just stole your kitty signature

And sure there are still people in eSA that doesn't know ur a guy 😮)

Wilpanzer Day 1,827, 23:44

the bunch of cat women in your articles were a bit deceiving.

Badger06 Day 1,827, 04:38

cat woman is hot ok

Had3z Day 1,827, 06:05

It was a he all olong 😮 I didn't even know

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