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Greetings Belgium

Day 1,822, 03:50 Published in Belgium Czech Republic by Rhual

Hello Belgium,

Im on a journey, of which you are the 12th station. My aim is becoming the citizen of not 1 country, but the whole eWorld. Im trying to get citizenships from every nation, writing 1 article there about the country to their citizens and fighting for their side a little, just to make the fact that I was there appear on my profile page.

Here is the article about this trip

I would like to write about Belgium from my RL point of view, not ingame, in spite of the fact I don’t know how many RL Belgian live here.
By the way I won’t write too long articles about the countries, I rather let the pictures talk 🙂

First of all thank you for your trust that I may be here.

Don’t forget, Im here and write as a simple eWorld citizen, without any side. And again, Im talking about IRL, not ingame!

What is the very first thing which occurs to me about this country?

The diamonds. I’m geologist and I’ve learned about the diamonds a little bit on the university: kinda diamonds, polishing ways, famous ones, etc and the second biggest diamond stock exchange is in Antwerp, the 80% of the world's diamond production, 50% of the cut diamonds change hands. Amazing numbers.
The other thing is Brussels. The (de facto) capital of the European Union and the NATO. Some important institutions: European Comission, European Parliament, Council of the European Union, European Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions, Eurocontrol, etc.
And of course the famouse Belgian chocolate 😛


Belgium is the 137th largest country in the world, 35th in Europe.

Now I just show you what I visit if I would go to Belgium. And as I noticed, some of my readers are also curious about the given culture of the country.
My trip with the articles is a show, what places the world has. So my apologize if I do a mistake, Im trying to be informed via internet, sometimes it turns wrong.

I like to discover either ancient or cultural places, even natural sightseeing.

I hope everyone understands, searching for places “You must see” and making articles about every countries I’d visit takes huge time so I decided to adding only 2 pictures per place, not more, not less.

So let’s see them:

The EU capital, Brussels







Waterloo battlefield



Hoge Kempen National Park

And many other cities and places.

And finally, let’s see the Belgian beauties:




Megas ALEKSANDR0S Day 1,822, 03:54


Kiyonori Dragnier
Kiyonori Dragnier Day 1,822, 04:06

Thank you for your article, It was nice to see some place from my country here and I hope your eTrip was great.

GregoryG Day 1,822, 04:43


boer jan
boer jan Day 1,822, 09:10

nice to see you put Ostend also in the list, a lot of people forget this

Tyxy Day 1,822, 10:22


Jeiry Day 1,822, 10:51

Welcome in eBelgium. Hope you'll have a nice stay ! 🙂

GSmyrlakus Day 1,822, 14:16


FaraoHun Day 1,822, 15:39

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Rhual Day 1,822, 16:21

Nulla é reale, tutto é lecito

mudduck95 Day 1,822, 19:40

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,823, 00:28

Thanks for this article !

Nova.Navid Day 1,823, 02:17


nice : P

Kaad Day 1,823, 08:08

Nice article!

BelgiumGeneral Day 1,824, 02:50

Nice article 🙂

But you forgot our beer 😛:p

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