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Greene12 for One More Round?

Day 2,059, 20:20 Published in USA Canada by Greene12

Feds, its time again, I'd like to be Party President for this coming July-August term. Its been a good while since we've had a two term PP, so you all get to decide for yourselves, did I do what I said I would? I made some very specific pledges last month, and I submit to you my record:

Nominate the popular vote winner for CP
I nominated Paul, who was the popular vote winner. But I also made completely-stalled talks continue and by working with other PPs, made the unity process change so that everyone now noms the popular vote winner. Goal achieved.

Message Newbs
I admit I've missed a few days but I fulfilled this promise. I regularly PM new players, offering them help, as well as party members.

Write 2 Articles a week
I'm just over 3 weeks into my term and I've written 7 articles: I'm on track to deliver on this promise.

Run My Own Cabinet
Cabinet discussions have happened daily and I'm quite happy with all my directors (I hope they're happy with me >.>). All members of my cabinet are working hard and I know exactly what they're doing.

Maintain a Channel with other top 5 PPs
I suppose this is kinda up to your judgement. I found out last 16th that a forum board and a channel already exist for PPs, but those areas include PPs, two people each PP can pick, DHS people, random national people, and some people who dont play erep anymore but have admin on eUS forums. Because the channel and board already existed, I decided not to start right away with trying to force a brand new PP channel, the existing systems had to be tried out first. Those areas turned out to not be so hot, but I have supplemented them with in game forum threads (several between myself, t4, and 6ther parties), and good deal of talking on IRC. Next month a new channel will be made for only PPs, cause thats how stuff gets done.

Read every single post on the forums except for the spam threads
Okay, I admit it....I also didn't read every single supply request post >.> I did read everything else though, and I've kept a close eye on what every single fed has to say.

Lead Party Meetings Personally
I've been running these myself for months, and this past month was no different.

My proposed cabinet for this month has a few changes from last month, but here it is, these guys are all awesome:

VPP: Tyler Buublar.
Tyler did an excellent job as Political Director this month, beyond what even I had imagined. He would like to be PP one day and I think that in a months time he'll be by far our best option for it. I'm thrilled he accepted to be my VPP

Recruitment: Logamac
Logamac has had this position before, though he's been out for some time. He directly asked me for the job and I was impressed with his adamance that he would grow this party even more. He deserves another shot I think.

Retention: Clydeo
Clydeo has made marked improvements in the functioning of this department the past month, and deserves to be able to stay on

FBI: MikeyPenny
Mikey watches you in your sleep. He watches your mother in her sleep. He watches me in my sleep. To be honest, I'm just scared of him and what he would do to me if I tried to have a different FBI director.

Political: Tyler Buublar
Best PD in years. I asked if he wanted to keep up, and I couldn't possibly ask for anyone better.

ATO: Josh Frost
Josh remains one of the most capable people when it comes to mobilizing America. He's been an invaluable contributor this past month, and he's utterly relentless in his burning desire to kill serbians.

Fed Express: Evil Elvis
Evil is one of our newest feds and his level of activity inspires a raging fed boner while I sleep. He took over Fed Express about a week ago, and is already doing an amazing job.

SHIELD CO: Crashthompson
CrashThompson has made SHIELD what it is, and if you're in SHIELD you know what I mean. If you're not in SHIELD, you better be running for your life from this guy, cause I think he just slaughters the villages of anyone not wearing the same uniform as he is, just to be safe.

Media: NewAzazel
One of our best writers and one of the biggest fed names in the US, and the world. Naz did solid work last month and his level of activity makes me quite happy he's sticking around.

Most importantly feds, pay attention this 15th. We're working hard to elect Derphoof in the AFA, Just like last month guys, its time to go fight some serbians.

In the meantime, please consider voting for me, elections are happening right now on the fed forum!



Greene12 Day 2,059, 20:21

Vote for the man in the suit

nick.bergman Day 2,059, 20:27

In before ajay

Greene12 Day 2,059, 20:31

He's usually very fast. I'm surprised he hasn't shown up yet.

nick.bergman Day 2,059, 20:38

Too busy with his Servian MoFA duties, I suppose

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 2,059, 20:49

I really love that gif.

Ludonarr Day 2,059, 21:37

You can't not vote for the guy from Suits in the suit, I mean, come on.

John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 2,060, 06:14


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,060, 10:23

"I regularly PM new players,..."
Cut the crap - how many newbies joined? Numbers!

nick.bergman Day 2,060, 12:05

Simply by judging the number of "New player here, just joined the Feds" posts in our shoutfeed.....more than a few

Amital Day 2,060, 17:17

I've joined and so have a few other new players this week

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,061, 00:10

Welcome to the Feds Maloof happy to have you!

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,061, 00:09

Thor you aren't a Fed other than for trolling why do you care?

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,061, 00:23

I am just investigating the amount of BS in the top parties, and frankly, the Feds are goldmine.

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,061, 01:17

Interesting considering you were all too happy to be a Fed, until your access was removed for being a Serb spai......

Viarizi Day 2,061, 07:17


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