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Government for upcoming term [edit]

Day 1,904, 02:50 Published in Philippines Philippines by kb1992

Hello Filipinos!

In the previous article I wrote about presidential plans for the next month, in this article I will present the cabinet for this term.

Government of the Philippines:

Minister of Defense - Al Raposas
I mentioned that I want to continue the current policy of the Ministry of Defense, so Al Raposas will still be our MoD this month.

Minister of Education - Vincenzo Roque
As dean of the eUniversity of the Philippines he is the right person for this position.

Minister of Culture - Boy Pick Up
I decided that the Ministry of Culture will work as a separate department. Boy Pick Up will try to liven up our press by cultural articles.

Minister of Finances - Deathless91
As our current president, he is conversant with our finances.

Minister of Foreign Affairs - agent of chaos
The new person in our government.

If you would like to ask something or you are interested in working in the government, please write to me.

Your candidate for president



mdrha Day 1,904, 04:09


CobraaAn Day 1,904, 09:39

United o7

Chopp Day 1,904, 11:51

I'll be ePH Ambassador in eUSA, can I? : )

NinoBitpazarec Day 1,904, 13:30


Makedonec 1992
Makedonec 1992 Day 1,904, 16:19


Dark Panzer
Dark Panzer Day 1,904, 16:24


Wilhelm Fink.
Wilhelm Fink. Day 1,905, 09:50


Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,907, 06:21


Waine Martin
Waine Martin Day 1,909, 09:28

Should we lower the taxes on imports? Since our land only have oil%++, we would be needing imports, now we are all 99% import tax and it will kill our e citizens. 🙂

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