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Goldmines by Plato

Day 1,955, 18:53 Published in USA Mexico by Marko Aberst

Some days ago we woke up with a pretty big new from Plato: Gold Mines were discovered in the New World. Everybody began talking about them and the media is basically politics and mines, having the wars as secondary but important because all guys know that this new feature will likely move the alliances in the end.

The contest started 3 days ago, and my personal predictions (similar to most of the world opinion) are being accomplished. But I think that we had some surprise in Africa; in Asia and Oceania we knew it would have a true competition, on other side America and Europe have no problems because the winners are giving no chance to their competitors. Let’s make a view in every continent.


The first surprise in the contest is Egypt, dealing +60% of total damage. South Africa is the favorite, the country is being occupied by Brasil and Indonesia, but the capital is part of Uruguay, which is no competitor here. We could see another BrIndo conflict in the next days if SA deals more damage as is expected.

If Egypt win the race, then Bulgary or Greece will get the mine. El Cairo is currently greek but a war (yet another one) between both countries will give the right to get 100k gold.

No matter what country gets the mine CoT is involved, so the mine could give benefits, as an alliance they have to decide and act as one, they to talk about these as soon as possible.


USA is the current leader, as everyone expected to be, of the damage table. Argentina and Brasil are in the 2nd and 3rd place, and nothing new here. Chile is the 4th place in the continent, if anyone bet Chile could make this influence in battles last year, everybody would think he was a crazy man, this country is a living proof of babybooms and their investments in population are the best move to reach a better ePosition.

Washington DC will have a gold mine in 1,959 and all US people will enjoy free gold while their treasury cumulates explorations. Some people see this as a national security risk because is close to Europe and Poland can lookup over here to earn some golds, but that will be a big war... so I don’t see troubles in the near future.

A mention about México and Colombia that has nothing to do with gold mines: México has made 150% of colombian damage. México had a babyboom last year and a stable rate of population growth while Colombia is currently 2nd place in eRepublik population, but their newbies are dying quickly.


Turkey is holding the biggest damage till now, but the favorite is China. I know my next comment could be utopic and dreamy but...what if Serbia manages to take asian mine from Turkey, they could enjoy 200k gold, and what if Serbia as an awesome ally show Poland that they can share european mine?

Imagine Serbia harvest 100k gold from Ankara and Poland do the same from Belgrade, that will be just great, I only hope people could leave their personal desires and envies. Of course TWO has to help Turkey to get the mine, if they want to leave EDEN gold-less, China is close... we should avoid a bigger wallet there.


Serbia is favorite and has 50% more damage of the second place, Poland. Some people think Poland could win this but I don’t agree with that, Serbia will get the mine and will add 100k gold to its and citizen’s accounts after 1,959. I don’t see problems here, so let’s move on.


Only two countries can win this competition: Australia or New Zealand, the first winning with almost 60% of the total damage. Chile owns australian capital: Canberra, but the borders are Australia itself and Indonesia. Chile and Indonesia are members of CoT, I know both countries and have friends there, so I don’t wanna think 100k gold could break an alliance.

Poland has been stated that they could send AS to New South Wales, this is an open threat to CoT. In Russia war I thought CoT’s neutral position was the best, so if Poland tries to get the gold mine of Oceania we can expect no longer CoTWO cooperation. Poland has to think carefully about disrupting both alliance’s relationship.

After a per-continent analysis, the overall is cool for friends and allies, CoT getting America, Oceania and maybe Africa mines, while TWO gets Europe mine and Asia is a mistery but China, as last fortress of EDEN, has to effort a bit more.

Sorry no random photos nor coolpics.



Marko Aberst
Marko Aberst Day 1,955, 18:53

No pole no glory.

S C O R P I O N Day 1,955, 19:24

pole de la no pole :E

Towalf Torre
Towalf Torre Day 1,955, 19:05

Interesante análisis, te faltó la versión en español para tus amigos Mexicanos 🙁


Capitan Sevilla
Capitan Sevilla Day 1,955, 19:07

no falto eso, falto las imagenes de chicas sexys de CoT xD

o el de las chicas sexys es seascifi? 😒

Marko Aberst
Marko Aberst Day 1,955, 19:13

No lo hice pq me da weba escribir en 2 idiomas, si alguien lo traduce y lo publica en México con un link al mío estaría agradecido.

@Capitán Sevilla: lee la disculpa del final.

Emmanuelisimo XVII
Emmanuelisimo XVII Day 1,955, 19:39

Las palabras e ideas son fáciles de entender, no creo que haya problema con la comunidad de jugadores a los que si les gusta leer artículos 🙂.
Tienes shout y voto de mi parte 🙂

Capitan Sevilla
Capitan Sevilla Day 1,955, 19:59

si la le'i y eso me puso triste u.u

tal vez sin la disculpa no hubiera notado la falta e chicas sexys : /

Capitan Sevilla
Capitan Sevilla Day 1,955, 19:06

Gold mines by plato by Marko

TarenR Day 1,955, 19:35

Read it and voted

santirub Day 1,955, 19:37

Nice article : D, a few images could help to make it better Marko :>.

Armandocf Day 1,955, 20:54

Ehhhhhhh.... Alguien puede decirme de que se trata el Articulo??????

Digitalixer Day 1,955, 21:14

Cool analysis bro 🙂

Odeto Day 1,956, 06:45

Aunque no se me de tanto el ingles, si le entendí. cx Pole atrasadísima!
PD: /me esperando el artículo de la historia de eMéxico...

Smells Day 1,956, 09:45

Buen analisis Marko, lo mas interesante, a mi parecer, es la amenaza de Polonia y su AS. Veremos que pasa al finalizar la contienda.

Oso Wallabie
Oso Wallabie Day 1,956, 10:08

Buen Artículo.

Glamche Day 1,956, 12:18


F.11 Day 1,956, 12:33

Thanks for the article o/

Bobby Canell
Bobby Canell Day 1,957, 12:32

why wouldn't poland just airstrike turkey and take the mine? they don't need to go through serbia to have one.

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