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Gold Goes Under $400

Day 1,809, 13:01 Published in USA USA by Twon2012

The eWolrd is changing once again with this new awful milestone of gold dropping under $400. Hard telling if it ever gets better it would be nice to have the economy better making around $30 is not much and our buying power is not going up everything just went down making the ratio the same. The reason this should concern people is because our growth is pretty well but our national level average is down 23 to the eWorld average of 27. This could be to players leaving because they have to fight with no weapons which makes it harder to get the DO done which leads to slower level growth and eventually people probably quitting.

Another problem with this is Poland. You can say that they are fine and all but they own so much of the eWorld its a problem for everyone they take control of resources and they grow more and more each day in players. Their level average is 26 obviously meaning on average they have less players but stronger players. They also make more money a day so in a way they are stronger than us and thats a problem. They pose a problem to the whole world because they also have alliances with eSerbia, eHungary, and eIndonesia. These strong forces together along side with other alliances they have an enormous power and we should put an end to their reign of power over the world. (and free eCanada to try and get an ally back)

Poland is this big not the size of the world(exaggeration), let's try to keep it that way.




Velibor Dolas
Velibor Dolas Day 1,809, 13:25

Lol you should? No ways? What was the point of the trip to Hungary if not to try and stop us? You cant stop us

Twon2012 Day 1,809, 13:47

hahaha, I laugh because your spelling/grammar is so bad that I can't even consider what you are saying to be even close to credible or right.

Bucephalus92 Day 1,809, 14:10

I remember when everyone was freaking out because the cost of gold was rising so much, now people are freaking out because it is going down 😕

Twon2012 Day 1,809, 14:11

Middle is just right

DanPMK Day 1,809, 22:56

Back in my day gold was never above $50. You guys are all spoiled.

HRH Faustin
HRH Faustin Day 1,810, 04:07

It's a little bit hard to understand what you are talking about
I'm not making it a joke, but try to improve your spelling and grammar.... At least your spelling...

e.g : "their level average is 26"
should be : "their players average level is 26"

I guess you used G**gle Translator right?

Twon2012 Day 1,810, 06:25

No you can use both ways just because I treat my readers with more inelegance so I don't spell things out all the time. I mean really what you said is what I said worded differently, and not sure where I spelled things wrong, I'm American you idiot, google translator really? Adding players to that sentence is redundant.

Neprofesionalac Day 1,810, 12:54

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