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Gold and Money (MoE)

Day 1,884, 05:43 Published in Pakistan Austria by Almandro

Firstly I would like to apologise for a late article but due to real life problems I could not write an article until toady.

As the topic says today I would be writing about "Money and Gold "

Money in Erepublik can be used to buy;

* Food
* weapons
* some factories
* and start resistance wars

You need 1000cc(local money) to start a resistance war in a captured region.If you successfully finish a resistance war you would get a trophy and some gold.

You can earn money by applying for jobs you might realise that you aren't getting your full salary well that is because of tax depending on how much the tax, it will be taken from you and would be given to the government. unfortunately this is the only way to donate to the country directly


This is the valuable and the most rare resource on Erepublik(unless you Re a credit card user 😛). gold is important because you can't get it in daily basis like money, the only way you can get it is by doing missions,getting trophies or buying it with your real money) you can trade you em ones for it but it is expensive.For a newbie I would recommend upgrading the training grounds with your gold because it is very useful.

Other stuff you can get with gold are fame,money,faster account growth and upgraded factories.YOu can upgrade factories e.g.
*you can upgrade a q1 factory to a q2 factory
This is useful because then you would have stronger weapons and better quality food.(YOu can upgrade your factory up to Q7 which is the highest)

Tips: you should never use your full money on buying a product.Always keep enough money to buy some food because if you have finished your money and health you would not be able to work for your company or your manager.No work=no weapons,food,strength and money 🙁

Important note IF you are leaving this game for what ever reason please donate your remaining money or gold to someone who is active or you trust so at least we could use thoughts resources to make a better ePakistan

(P.S I am sorry for no pictures since I am writing this article on my iPad that is why I couldn't get any I would edit it as soon as I get back home)

Thank you


untrusty Day 1,884, 14:18

I love the last donation part 🙂 nice article. Voted

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