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Getting Started in the Economic Module

Day 1,670, 18:55 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Probably one of the easiest places to hurt your chances starting off in this game is in the Economic module. I know when I first joined the game, the first thing I did was start spending my gold and my CC(country currency) on buying tanks and random other things on the market. This is not a very smart idea, and I wish I had someone (or an article about the economy) to set me on a path to success.


First off let me introduce you to the modes of currency used in this game. There are 2 main ones: CC, and Gold. You can find your current amounts of each on the left hand side of your screen underneath your link and current level. As you can see in the photo below, I currently have 11 Gold and 3086 USD(CC).

My Places

This bar shows all of the tabs at the top of your screen. Right now I’m going to focus on the the tabs under “My places”. The four tabs from left to right are: Companies, Training Grounds, Storage, and Health Buildings. These, as well as the market tab above them, are critical to the economic module.

The first tab under My Places is companies. Here you can see all the companies you own as well as create, sell, and upgrade them. By clicking the addition button you will be able to choose what kind of company you want to create. You can choose Food Raw Materials, Weapon Raw Materials, Factories, Storage, or Training Grounds. Each one of these has different levels of buildings that produce more or less product, depending on how much you are willing to spend. The subtraction button allows you to sell/dissolve companies, but I would not worry about this as a new player. The upward pointing arrow button allows you to upgrade current factories you own.

The second tab under My Places is the Training Grounds. You should know about this, but if not, this is where you can increase your strength daily and upgrade/buy new training facilities.

The third tab is your Storage. This is where all supplies and weapons are kept. Starting off you only have room for 1000 items, but you can purchase additional storage down the road.

The final tab is your Health Buildings. This is important because the higher the level of your health building, the more wellness you can save up to use when you are not on the game.

The Market

The Market tab is where the transactions in-game occur. Under the market pulldown there are four options: Marketplace, Monetary Market, Job Market, and Companies for Sale. The Marketplace is where goods are able to be purchased, Monetary Market is for exchanging gold for CC or vice versa, Job Market is where you can find an eJob, and in Companies for sale you can purchase already built/upgraded companies.

Starting Off

Alright, now that some of that orientation/ground work has been laid we can start getting into the nitty gritty of where you should put your hard earned Gold/CC to work best for you.

The very first thing I suggest you do is upgrade your free training grounds to level 2. This cuts the amount of times you have to train to get your SS(SuperSoldier) Medal/5 gold in half. This will allow you to gain more gold to use to upgrade/buy companies.
After you have upgraded your training grounds, I would put all effort into getting your Town Center(under Health Buildings) upgraded to at least level 4, level 5 is better. This will allow you to use more wellness throughout the day, which in turn will lead to you leveling up faster and earning more of that all important gold.

Once you have your Town Center beefed up, turn your focus back to your training facility. In the past, before the change of the military module, I would have told you to focus on raw materials and resources. The way the new military module is however, your best bet is to stay at as low a level as you can and just beef up your strength. To do this, avoid working in your own factories as much as possible. Work for your employer, do your training, and attack as much as you can to rank up militarily. Until they revamp the economy module, this is your best bet.

Closing Comments

To wrap things up, there are a couple of mistakes I made when I first started. I started dropping my gold into factories without the raw materials to produce anything, and I started throwing all of my CC at q6 tanks to fight with. Don’t waste your resources people, gold and CC are not as easy to come by as you may think they are. It may take you weeks or even months to save up enough for a single factory or company. So do yourself a favor and put that gold/CC to good use working for you, and don’t just squander them away.

Best of luck to you in your endeavors to survive in this rough eEconomy!

Mentor Program

Are you a new player looking for some help learning the ropes, or perhaps you're new to the eUS and you're trying to find your way around. Either way the Mentor Program may be just what you need. The Mentor Program provides you with a one-on-one relationship with a mentor who can help you become better acquainted with the country and the game. If you would like to request a mentor please fill out
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xy2set Day 1,670, 19:42

FIRST! (I finally got first on a commonly read paper!)

Voted 😃

Maximillian Payne
Maximillian Payne Day 1,671, 10:09

Why hasn't anyone gotten back to me about being a mentor?

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,671, 10:47


DMV3 Day 1,671, 23:31

@ Maximillian Payne I'll pm you.

xy2set Day 1,672, 03:37

oh shoot, you should've told me you were going to pay for votes on this paper, Dennis... now I don't get paid for my vote and dedication 😛

LePerone Day 1,672, 11:53

Great article.

dublap Day 1,672, 15:40


Hextos Day 1,673, 10:28

Thanks 🙂 I just started yesterday and this really helped out.

redbirdusa Day 1,697, 20:54

This is a great Article.

Join the eUS Military Army.

We will make sure you have food (self efficient food) and Q6 Weapons.



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