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Day 597, 01:37 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

We would like to present you the latest addition to eRepublik. It`s about the invitation system, which has been expanded, making it much easier to invite all your friends to eRepublik.

You can see that you now have a "personal link" displayed on the invite friends page. This link is an unique code which will be used by the system to identify people invited by you.

In addition to the old method, you can now send eRepublik invitations in this new way. All you need to do is to copy-paste your link and share it in any way you consider appropriate: by email, by posting it on your blog, by sending an IM, etc. You can use it as a signature on the forums you visit, as well as your messenger status. Only your creativity dictates how many people will click it. From this point on, everything is as it was before - once your friend follows the link, registers and reaches level 6, you will be awarded 5 gold. Inviting friends has never been so easy!


The eRepublik Team



InfernoSD Day 597, 01:40

Referral links are the worst form of invites ever designed. Sorry.

koosunami888 Day 597, 01:43

this is a good idea. 13th btw.

Wadera Ka Beta
Wadera Ka Beta Day 597, 01:43

why do you say it's bad? IMO it's very very useful and easy to use!

Iluvatardd Day 597, 01:46

again invintations... give us citizenship, revolution module, or something else that is smart, not this trash

theodeus Day 597, 01:53


i gotta say again there are more important issues you should be working on right now. But i won't be surprised if the next admin's article will be about Plato 😃

Timur Angin
Timur Angin Day 597, 01:59

nice , but maybe they're a lot of thinks in eRep that u should develop and research.. i agree with lluvatard & theodeus..

but, thank you anyway for the progress.. im still waiting the others min 🙂

sampo555 Day 597, 02:01

Great to have this kind of improvement. Invite e-mails usually took long time to get to my friends. Thanks! Waiting for citizenship...

Butjam Day 597, 02:21

Sign up trough <a href="" target="_blank">[..]tart.</a> Ohw wait, you are already in the game 😛

Noel Guns of Brixton
Noel Guns of Brixton Day 597, 02:23

it s cool with this simplicity! 🙂
and what is the status of the more important developments? 😃
eg: citizenship?
and will be any new country in this month?

H KraToS
H KraToS Day 597, 02:23

Very good
we waiting for new update's

Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson Day 597, 02:42

Nice! Although I hope for some other nice modules and additions, this one will be very useful as well.

Catalyst2950 Day 597, 02:43

Just a note - referral links will get you punished and *banned* on most forums, as they are (rightfully so) considered spam - even if you put them in your signatures.

Be very careful.

Grzechooo Day 597, 03:13

Hmm, better concentrate on citizenship, but, these referers are too easy too detect 😕

Dio Ymdar
Dio Ymdar Day 597, 03:31

I like. 🙂
Also -> Citizenship needed!

Marius Eisenstein
Marius Eisenstein Day 597, 03:55

Hallelujah! I awaited this for a long time. Thank you very much.
Now, the vacancy mode is the future project that has to be implemented? 🙂

ChiolasPT Day 597, 04:26

Yay, let's PTO another country to celebrate!

Oh, and Algarve should be Portuguese on the old map, I know you're not Photoshop experts but this has been going for several months now...

Servico de eTutorado
Servico de eTutorado Day 597, 04:49

sup where's my algarve? christianism doesn't shine there no more

Rob Dougan
Rob Dougan Day 597, 05:00

Found that reflink update about week ago.

Daniel Souza
Daniel Souza Day 597, 05:13

thanks, this is awesome.

joker shadow
joker shadow Day 597, 05:31

wow this is what I call something! thank you dear Admin 😃

and also sub 😃:D:D

Tzatza De Matza
Tzatza De Matza Day 597, 05:37

it's NOT working .. i cannot access the page for invites!

nattzor Day 597, 05:47

Voted! Thanks, its much better and it works!

Alex of Mac
Alex of Mac Day 597, 06:10

those of you who think the admins should be working on "more important" things think about this: if every person in the game gets 2 others to join, and every one of the new and old players bought just 5gold from the admins they make 1220310 euros! from just the 5gold packs and obviously SOME of the players would buy more than that. my point is this is how they make money, so don't expect them to put it at the end of the list

Perry1990 Day 597, 06:29

My friends didn't receive the mail of invitation.
Can I send another one to the same addresses?

Guycool Day 597, 06:31

*CLap Clap*

Dorian Derezic
Dorian Derezic Day 597, 06:41

Nice, but how about adding.. well, I don`t know... Citizenship maybe!!

Erwin Schauman
Erwin Schauman Day 597, 06:57

Alex of Mac: Certainly. Just because they keep on postponing more demanded applications because they don't directly bring them money, doesn't mean the users should just bend over and take it without voicing their complaints.

Too bad though that complaining about the eRepublik team's current policies leads to censoring and bans. Afterall, who cares what the users say because they are automatically wrong and only the admins, in their great arrogance, claim to know what is needed without ever even asking the users what is it that they truly want.

cam's companies
cam's companies Day 597, 07:09

This is subtle, useful, and moderately helpful.

Good move, admins!

Ice_Freeze Day 597, 07:39


Dude what are you talking about???

in the method we had we had to get everyone's email and shit

Emerick Day 597, 08:11


Erik Vasa
Erik Vasa Day 597, 08:25

Maybe now I will actually get credit for the ones I invited---for a change.

Haralambos Day 597, 16:26

if i had this 4 months ago i would probably have brought more people...especially since the email invitation doesnt always work (many people said they never got the message and you cant even resend it)

Judazs Day 598, 01:01

i love the avatars in the comments

Legiunea UmbreIor
Legiunea UmbreIor Day 598, 01:15

old school improvement! let's fix citizenship and than make improvements to fighting strategy and economy!

david_in_perth Day 598, 02:56

That's a great change. On principle, I would never have invited people the old way, because I don't want to spam people with stuff they will probably not be interested in.

This way, if I feel like it, I can put up a link on my facebook page. If someone sees it and happens to be interested, then that's good. If not, then it doesn't really matter either.

dr. Boza Chaos
dr. Boza Chaos Day 598, 06:52


Hadi N
Hadi N Day 598, 07:48

Thanks admain vote and sub

HunyadiHD Day 598, 08:13

ok I have a question: In this post it says that when you get 1 friend to level 6 you get 5 gold. BUT in the profile to get society builder medal you need to invite 10 people not 1. Well an awnser please...

Bularca Day 598, 09:29

i think it is a good idea but still there lots of things that need improvement.

Alex Ford
Alex Ford Day 598, 12:03

Very good! When I put this on forums it's kind of inviting too.

Alexander Rearden
Alexander Rearden Day 598, 14:10

So instead of addressing Citizenship and other issues we have been begging you to deal with. You improve the method for people to join the game, and thus make more donations and thus make you more money (either to end your own losses or to line your own pockets).

Good updated, but please update things the community has been begging for.

Prikan Day 598, 14:42

Like it 🙂 Way to go, good idea 😉

Welcomes Day 599, 00:35


Bolodewo Day 599, 01:09

ah great... btw BRING BACK MY AVATAR... LOL

R U C U L A Day 599, 01:25

nice system :=

nabeghe Day 599, 02:03


Ringo Noer
Ringo Noer Day 599, 02:47

thx for the latest update...
for others that said bad things about more and you'll get more 🙂

FoxtrotZero Day 599, 12:12

This is wonderful.

But i've seen it all too many times. Start listening, damnit. Useful or not, nobody wants this trash over large improvements like the citizenship module or actual improvments to your horrible server reliability. Until you have something that actually improves the game, and not the amount of Euros you recieve every month, don't do anything.

Siddy Burn
Siddy Burn Day 600, 01:52

I dont think they'll address the important issues soon. Why bother even reminding em again and again? They never listen anyway. just appreciate what they do.

All I can say is... cool! 🙂

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