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Get your butts ready! Day 2.122 will be good.

Day 2,121, 10:11 Published in United Kingdom Australia by Cpt.Eyedea

So as many of you may know, tommorow will be quite a nice day for all of us. Something that hardly ever happens, will happen. The god's of erepublik are providing us with gifts to feed our war hunger. I myself will be trying my best to fight my way through the ranks during the week of the tournament, although I will not get any top spots, I hope I can get at least a small gift or so.

If you want to read into this matter, press the link to take you to the main announcment-

I will be selling some of the weapons I make half price on the market (I make about 16 q2 a day) so to keep update on when I do post the offer, I would highly suggest adding me as a friend for any kind of deals out there.

If you are looking for a good, respectful party to join, do not hesitate and join the people's communist party-

A 'punchy' joke for the reader-

"Do you want to hear a really good Batman impression?" asked my mate Dave.
"Go on then," I replied.
"NOT THE KRYPTONITE!" he screamed.
I said, "That's Superman."
He said, "Thanks, I've been practising."

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Teppishc Day 2,121, 23:54

Voted o7 GL in the Tourney!

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