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Day 575, 12:43 Published in India India by Mr. Smo

What is up eIndia,

There has been much talk about why I should leave. After some thought, I have decided to put it to a vote. If you think I should leave, post "yes" and why you think so. If you believe I should stay post "no" and why. I will leave the polls open for one week so every eIndian can vote. After a weeks time has gone by I will tally the votes up and act upon the results. I hope you all participate with your true opinions!

P.S.- If you vote you will recieve 0.01 INR. Votes from orgs will not be counted and will not recieve 0.01 INR. If you are not an eIndian, your votes will still count and you will recieve a 0.01 INR payment.



BroodRoosterNL Day 575, 13:15

I do not think this will help you.

Civfanatic Day 575, 14:14

This is utterly pathetic.

shail.back Day 575, 17:27

I believe you should leave, because -
1) You just creat unnecessary panic here.
2) you dont fit in with our culture
3) After getting so much disrespect from peoples you should leave n show you have some self-esteem thing in you.
4) Not doing anything good for india
5) Giving money for vote in this a poor idea. I believe every indian who post here, will happily give you 0.01 INR to leave...🙂

I believe this much reasons are enough from my side..i will have others to give reasons too...

Jelly9473 Day 575, 19:03


Pranjal Agarwal
Pranjal Agarwal Day 575, 20:50


Kiran V
Kiran V Day 575, 21:48

Hopeless pathetic job.. x-( You cant win hearts of eIndians by promising them money. Even if you say to give 10 INR they wont budge and will definitely say you to leave..

Indian Government Bank
Indian Government Bank Day 575, 22:36

I suggest instead of reporting just advice him to go..if you want him out from here...🙂 ...

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 576, 01:19

Smo, leave India and please, i dont want 0.01 INR from a person like you.

Sir Winston S Churchill
Sir Winston S Churchill Day 576, 03:26

wow, this guy really needs attention bad, very sad!

NOT voted or subscribed.

srachit Day 576, 03:57

you should stay, no sarcasm involved

Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 576, 04:05

I have neither voted nor subscribed.
This is the worst thing you could do. Give money for vote.

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 576, 10:15

What are you going to report me for? There's nothing I could get banned for. I don't understand what is so wrong about giving people money for simply participating in a poll. Some of you guys take this game a little too seriously and need to calm down. I play for fun and I hope you all know that. So far four people say I should stay and three say I should leave.

Khaiyan Day 576, 11:37

No. What have you done that could be so bad? And folks, he's not paying you to vote yes! He's just paying for you to vote! Jeez, relax..

But yeah, I don't need the 0.001 INR Smo, thanks anyway 🙂

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 576, 18:50

sorry I meant to say no

Master thesbian
Master thesbian Day 576, 18:51


Lord Bernin
Lord Bernin Day 577, 00:40

Hey smo, this is too bad. You are just making a joke of your ownself here. You can get 100 americas to vote no and then say that 100 people wanted u to stay and only 3 wanted u to go.
All i can say is DISGUSTING for ur dirty tricks.
Anyways, i have not voted for this article.

vigi Day 577, 01:25

neither yes or no, i think its fair to leave it to you

i abstain!

also, 0.01 inr? really?!

Mr. Smo
Mr. Smo Day 577, 08:44

vigi if you want the cash, you will have to vote yes or no

vigi Day 577, 12:30

no i was being sarcastic...i really dont want the cash

Indian Government Bank
Indian Government Bank Day 578, 23:29

Lolz you are getting peoples frm USA to vote and shifting few here..poor trick...

DonMogul Day 580, 05:31

"If you are not an eIndian, your votes will still count and you will recieve a 0.01 INR payment."

Well that ruins the integrity of this poll. Its India that has to put up with your nonsense not people from America or UK or wherever.

I am voting no.

(1) You have lied to the Indian people.
(2) You have done nothing to help.
(3) You accused David of being a thief. Which he wasnt!

etc etc

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