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Fundraiser... thank you all!

Day 1,762, 12:35 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Zeeuwsmeisje

About a week ago, I published this article about the financial challenges our country is facing. I started a fundraiser among the people of the eNetherlands hoping many would follow. Now, I am really proud to say at least 22 players (and some not even Dutch!) donated their own gold for the good of all eDutch citizens:

A total amount of 147,5 gold was donated to Economische Zaken!!

With this article I personally want to thank all of these players for their donation (in gold):

alcadieas (2)
Arjan's Town (5)
darkydarky (4)
Dave Brinkman (10)
dommelen990 (4)
Eala Frya Fresena (2)
ElGorro (5)
Ethel Rosenberg (5)
FrankieVB (10)
Kamp Amersfoort (5)
Katrien (2)
LongliveIRA (4)
Malbekh - from eIreland (5)
osxy (25)
rainy Sunday - from eBrazil (1)
Skyrider505 (5)
Van Spijck (10)
Vlam (19)
White Templar (5)
yfke van de zand (2,5)
Ynotna (3)
Zeeuwsmeisje (10)

Anonymous donations: (4)

Furthermore, we received weapons (200 Q2 and 200 Q7) and food (1,000 Q1, 1,000 Q2 and 1,000 Q4) for our troops from rainy sunday (Brazil) and 4,000 Q5 food from Luuklag. This is all very welcome too of course!

If you did donate and you are not on the list, send me a pm and I will add your name right away!

Thanks once more to all who gave up their personal gold for the good of all. We may be a small country, but with some really great people!




kiIIer2001 Day 1,762, 13:55


Mc Claren
Mc Claren Day 1,762, 14:20


Bernard Hoffington
Bernard Hoffington Day 1,762, 16:16


WhiteTemplar Day 1,763, 01:38


ArtemIvanov Day 1,763, 02:07

now waiting for real plans to use this gold...

Kixtart Day 1,763, 03:36

No problem

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 1,763, 06:08


Master Goku
Master Goku Day 1,763, 07:13


Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Day 1,763, 08:15

very nice! o7

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