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Frost/McFarland for February: Helping the Military....

Day 804, 10:05 Published in USA Poland by Battle Kitten

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Strength Equals Victory
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The game is changing. From the time when I first started, it has changed greatly and in the future it will likely change more. We can adapt or die. The Battle in Heilongjiang showed us a many key things. Gold is important and so are numbers, but player strength is key. We need to take full advantage of the new training module if we are going to be able to confront our enemies in the future. We need to get stronger. A massive baby boom would definitely help in this regard, but we also need to seriously consider investing in players.

Other countries, many in Phoenix subsidize the training of many of their soldiers. Any soldier that pays for half of their training receives the the other half from their government. It's costly for sure and that money will not be returned to the economy, which will more than likely have every economist screaming for my head. That said, if we are to maintain whatever competitive edge we have we need to help our soldiers get stronger. I am keenly interested in proposing this program to the Congress if I am elected President. It would have to be experimented with on a limited basis to begin with, but I believe it would pay off long term.

To give you and idea of what kind of damage this could do I want you to for example imagine 50 tanks that have been using the 200% training program. In one month they can gain over 3.6 points in strength. This ads roughly 65-70 points of damage to their hits when using a Q5. If those same 50 tanks hit at the end of a battle like Heilongjiang we are talking roughly another 160000 in damage. That is impressive. As our activities in regards to warfare expands we can go beyond the limited number of people in this program to other strength levels inevery branch of the military. While we cannot go full bore at the beginning, this is something we must seriously consider long term.

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Rank Equals Wreckage
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Next important in this equation is player rank. We need to re-access military funding and gun distribution. Communes work. They have greatly reduced the cost for the SEALS. A huge portion of SEALS work at them and we can conduct two or three missions a week on a very tight budget. Because of this we can give our soldiers higher quality of weapons and give them missions more often. We need to do this in the lower branches of the military. It's a short term investment that provides long term benefits.

Any soldier willing to work at a commune should always receive weapons and potentially receive better weapons. Our newer players need to rank in order to maximize their damage. We need to commit resources and time to making the Army, Mobile Infantry, Home Guard, and Training Corp the best they can possibly be. Battles are numbers games and if we ignore that fact we will quickly fall behind the opposition. Both strength and ranking programs require long term investment and a commitment not to institutions but to loyal Americans. If we can get our war machine rolling and resuscitate our economy we have to commit to these programs so we can have an edge and compete on the battlefield.

Rest assured, what I am saying is not popular, but it is right. We need to commit to our military and commit to the players with initiative. We need to increase strength and rank. This program is not about the economy, but it is about people. In order to retain interest in the game we need to invest in our citizens, particularly in the future of our military.



DeadSleep Day 804, 10:07

Spot Denied 😃

SEP II Day 804, 10:09


Rangu Day 804, 10:17

bug it up!

R3PL4Y Day 804, 10:24


Mauricio Cameron
Mauricio Cameron Day 804, 10:27

Sorry... I'm already comitted to Zol- I mean YOU!

Mr. Hyphenated
Mr. Hyphenated Day 804, 10:40

Best of luck, gentlemen.

Mr. Hyphenated
<a href="" target="_blank">[..]rless</a>

Even  Tide
Even Tide Day 804, 10:52

Voted 🙂

Gnaeus Progenitor
Gnaeus Progenitor Day 804, 10:56

Tanks for the article! Phoenix has yet to truly feel the Frost-Bite this winter!!!

Anyonymous Day 804, 11:43

Frost for Socialism?

sumeone123 Day 804, 11:43

I was here denying this spot to PENIXs

Joe Newton
Joe Newton Day 804, 14:06

Copied mah picturee!
&lt;3 Frost

Vote Frost or Newton or PIZ on the 5th!

Edward Bongsworth
Edward Bongsworth Day 804, 14:48

&quot;This program is not about the economy, but it is about people. In order to retain interest in the game we need to invest in our citizens, particularly in the future of our military.&quot;

Pardon my humble inquiry, but how will providing gold for training to the highest strength people (those who have been around the longest and are thus most likely to stay around) help with retaining interest in the game, which is mainly a problem among the lowest of ranks? I know when I was new, I wouldnt have been more likely to log on every day because some tank was growing at a faster rate thanks to my tax money.

I support with your plan, but that particular reasoning seems rather shaky. Will it improve our military? Yes. Will it increase interest? Not at all.

Cpt Custard
Cpt Custard Day 804, 15:27

A possible solution to this would be to include the stategy to not only tanks, but the newbs of the game as well.

CivilAnarchy Day 804, 16:15

&quot;Communes work&quot;
^ I'm thinking you just got my vote

Mumbly Day 804, 16:40

better off to forget investing in training and just invest in guns for fighting. That will help win battles immediately and grow the military naturally. It also goes right back into the economy.

also fighting is fun and winning is even more fun which helps keep interest as well.

better yet have the government start funding groups like SEAL TEAM 6 which does everything you need.

1. develops interest and retains players
2. brings a &quot;group&quot; mentality and loyalty
3. wins battles
4. wins RW battles
5. mobility for PTO defense
6. levels up and strengthens the U.S. fighters.

Titus Feore
Titus Feore Day 804, 19:52

I think this plan would work very effectively if we maximize on the lower level players at first get them to a decent lvl/strength get them graduated out of the TC and into the regular Army/Home Guard and from there the can go on to the other branches of the military. but the ideas Mr. Frost is putting forward are a first step and the only way to effect change is to put the idea out there and see who picks up the ball and runs with it.

Simulare Day 804, 20:10


Ingo Castilho
Ingo Castilho Day 804, 20:26

Great stuff, well planned out and under frost and max it will be well executed.


JeepAmerica Day 804, 20:42


KOSOVA Batoa Day 804, 20:56

Voted, for shared costs of training for ALL active fighters.

Big Brother
Big Brother Day 804, 22:42

Excellent article - Frost for February!

Arthur Gordon Pym
Arthur Gordon Pym Day 805, 00:01

taco cat looks delicious

Menassah Day 805, 00:04

Frost on the 5th, for damn sure.

Boot1221 Day 805, 03:16

Winning a battle is all about massing fires and coordinating attacks. To be efficient one must be able to to coordinate, communicate. Rounding up a herd of cats is a bit tough.
Perhaps a chain of command and soldiers that follow orders would be effective...
Should there be incentives for those who serve in the military. I think yes, a small stipend (in addition to a regular job), weapons for sanctioned fights and moving tickets to deploy. A little gold for young soldiers will go a long way. In the process they learn game mechanics, unit loyalty and learn to fight as a cohesive unit.
Its more cost effective to build a wall, then tear one down by tanking. Support the young soldiers.
Maj Boot1221
Division XO
Training Corp

Stormin Day 805, 04:53

I'm all for it but that pic of the cat in the taco...damn that's just gross... 🙂

Senhart Day 805, 07:30

Here, here Mumbly. Help with weapons purchases instead, and either fund Q5 hospitals or promote moves to Cali., and Fla.

Tiacha Day 805, 07:30

hmmm if you can make the govt match tank training money a reality, you may win me over. how are you gonna get congress on board, though?

Capt.Wolf Day 805, 08:42

I wonder how he intends to choose which players will be granted the government training Gold.

realjjj Day 805, 10:35

Assuming the US has anywhere between 300 and 600 active FM's, not all are in the military and not all of those can afford to pay half the training, it might be easy to choose who gets the training subventions.
Implemented this way it would stimulate more people to join the army and try harder to advance in rank.
Not to mention that doing less than the enemy is not a very good idea so,if funds can be found,it's a must.

Vincent Nolan
Vincent Nolan Day 805, 10:58

yes sir, ah said yes sir, Frost it issssah

CelticKraut Day 805, 21:00

Your guys American Nationalism and military records are great. Are you going to lower income taxes and raise import taxes though? I haven't read the articles, can someone please message and tell me if they are or not, haha thanks.

Lifan Day 806, 13:45

hell ya dude

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