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From the International Desk: Day 2,257

Day 2,257, 17:00 Published in Ireland Ireland by Mercurius100

Today’s news from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine.

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Reporting from Bosnia and Herzegovina is BHFanaticos Vitez.

Why are citizens of Serbia asking for Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Citizenship

Citizens of Serbia are asking for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s citizenship in very high number and all of them are members of political party called ‘’SjeB’’ and on their profile pictures they have the same name! They are talking like their want to help, but we think different.
They want to ‘’broke’’ Bosnia and Herzegovina from inside, but we won’t let them!

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Reporting from Latvia is krisdolis.

As TWO stopped existed Latvia continues to struggle with Sweden over the Baltic sea region. After week long battles nothing has changed, it is still coming down for battle of Gotland.

Lately biggest MU of Latvia changed it's commander so now it is more active than before. Now FRAG is ready to help in every crucial battle Latvia may face.

Latvia is still looking for their allies after collapse of TWO. MPP are renewed with Greece, Argentina and Lithuania. It looks like Latvia will resign MPP also with Hungary. So pretty much Latvia hasn't lost any of its allies so far.

That's pretty much it, nothing new from Latvia.

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Reporting from Lithuania is Akviliutte.

Lithuania 2014 01 24

Introduce yourself about yourself: I am Akviliutte me for 2 years in the game, soon to celebrate a birthday. During these years have done a lot of work e-Lithuania. They are not some kind of very special, but I'm personally proud of them 15 months working on the MoC them for 3 months and 8 months vMoC Minister.Two months MoE LS squad correspondent for 12 months and LS HQ State, HQ SOL party member for 4 months. Once MISS Lithuania, but now if I give tribute for giving me the honorary title. Obviously I am doing great love of his country and its people. I am an active player in the skies of Lithuania, and proud of it. Often, avatars and other drawings eRepublik creator. At the time I got the opportunity to lead here in terms of Lithuania. RL live in Germany, so talk about Lithuania, my great tribute of patriotism.

News from Lithuania

Probably everyone noticed world events-flowing guilds, generating new. Our country is no exception, slumps TWO Alliance, the government and the Parliament was considering joining the Polish or Serbian. In terms of our long-term friendship with Poland, the country split into two subgroups. Unfortunately so far failed to come to a joint decision. While the MPP is updated with TWO former members of an alliance.

As for the press, we really active ministries, and party work. Lithuanians are hard-working people. We are trying to work their job well and responsibly. Our main and probably the motto: Do what you do well, do not forget the responsibility and conscience. There are without doubt everything, but people are not gods, so err is human.

Most probably our country's history commentator currently freshass, it delivers a truly proud of his work On various events can be found here and information about citizens of other countries climax country. However, there have been some good historians before him, as Petras pirmasis, but this acc is RIP.

Going back to those times, ahead of the parliamentary elections, and of course the president-Ministry of Culture started to create a new project: the debate evening. The organizers of the project: Long-term employee of the Ministry of Culture and Minister without doubt the long-term, and is currently the vice minister Akviliutte and new face Lithuania in the sky and no doubt eRepublik karolina.emilija24. This project has not seen the light of day, it is planned next week. The debate provides an overview of the project will be the future Presidents of the monthly plans. So far, prospective candidates are not known, but in general terms about the next election CP, I think they will be really interesting, and no one will be surprised.

As for the teams, Lithuania has four main schools of adults ( when lying , let me revise the representatives of Lithuania ) : LS - Lithuanian Shadows , this squad hailed as the best squad Lithuania looking at all the statistics and information gathered through ; TU -The Unit, this is the main competitor to the LS squad and these teams are vying For who better though , because it is personally, I would venture to say the impartial position of the TU and LS are equivalent squads Lithuania , but savymylė and patriotism that does not do this, because I belong to the same circle of LS . But without doubt in terms of patriotism Lithuania these two teams and driven by the main engine Lithuania GV - Iron Wolf, about this little crowd I can tell , but without doubt this squad and there are a number of strong players , LEO - Lithuanian elite operative , this squad is for people who just enough to make a DO, the squad is not active , and is not permanent missions.Squads for newcomers : MAL - Lithuanian War Akademy , the squad for Division 1-2 players with an active group of fairly large rations , the long- Vade Funnytime squad , which has accumulated a very extensive experience in communication with the newcomers , LSA - Lithuanian Shadows Akademy , the squad 2divizijos for more players , more graduates of Military Academy , developing for missions squad hosts a variety of games. LS and LSA every 2 weeks the team writes reports , these reports can watch Akviliuttes Lairastė , LNA - Lithanian new citizen Akademy , the squad for newcomers from 1-2 division , to my knowledge there vyskta promotions for beginners as well as looking at the various types of support , to the Multi- warfare learning opportunities ; TUK -The cadet Unit , The squad for 1-2 divisional acc squad similar to the LNA , organized various forums giving acc experience , and also provides hands-on experience , the squad headed TheUnit Yack . Again, a review of all recruits for teams in their strategy is more or less similar , differing only in small blurry nuances , so beginners are very difficult to choose the correct yourself crowd , but there a number of works in MoE , who directs the newcomers in the right direction .

This time, just as on Lithuania, as the first paragraph presentation from myself personally, I have a gift for you: My own e-drawn picture.

Thank you all for your attention and we meet next time, respectfully Akviliutte.

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Reporting from Russia is kolluchiy.

Russia: fight for freedom! Argentina is coming!

Hello friends, today I’m reporting from Russia.

The main event is the liberation of Russia from Argentinean invaders. In The first time, Mother Russia risks losing Congress.

We asked our American friends for help and now we want to retrieve our regions. Now USA is occupied Western and Eastern Siberia.

Also, the Russian media began to information war against Argentina, for example:

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published new article «New world telegraph»

Read more:

I advise everyone to subscribe to the newspaper, because you can also get the latest news from Russia and around the world.

Is there any opportunity for union between Russia and Serbia after falling TWO? That's the main question which interested citizens from these countries.

Read more:

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Reporting from Ukraine is Sibyr.

Good afternoon, dear readers!

EUkrainian situation had got worse for last week. 7 days ago eUkraine got 3 regions, but today constantly uprisings take place. But they are not successful. EUkraine does not have any of her own regions. A very sharp problem with allies occur. EUkraine needs them. Irish - you are our allies! I beg you to help us! Please, help us and together we will get victory.

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Thanks for reading today’s edition. We’ll be back tomorrow with more news bulletins from reporters around the world.



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From the International Desk, Day 2,257
News from BiH, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine

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