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From our brothers in RO, NL, IT and CRO

Day 1,884, 12:51 Published in Greece Greece by Greek Ministry of Health

Salutations House of EDEN,

In the past week we saw some epic clashes between the alliances and despite some losses, we proved the brotherhood is still very much alive. We congratulate Colombia on regaining Andina and Orinoquia. Italy on the region of Abruzzo, Ukraine on Taurida, ROC on Chuba, Romania on Maramures, Greece on Macedonia and Central Greece, Albania on North Montenegrin Mountains and South Eastern Albania, and China on Sindh. And that is only for the last 24 hours (day 1884 and region deals not included). Well done, brothers!

We also ask your attention for one very important victory in Iran some days ago, effectively holding the door for CoTwo on their way to the ‘last EDEN Fortress’. In our efforts in Iran, along with the Chinese defense of Guangdong, we stood our grounds and kept the doors closed to our last great resources reserve China. An impressive campaign, in which we saw EDEN soldiers from all nations fight side by side with our allies. The victory here lies not in the 83 points, but in the fact that together we withstood the damage of eHungary and its 19 CoTWO allies, while Iran had only 6! It took sacrifice on moving costs and damage from our own battles, but: you were there!

Still, there could have been more of us. We cannot expect from every EDEN soldier to keep up with all ingame wars but we urge you to understand the stakes and follow EDEN HQ’s priosetting. We fought there for our own alliance, but also, together with countries that, like us, don’t want to see this game hijacked by powerhungry nations that take pride in winning battles when the odds are +50% in their favour - through cowardly deals - and even with supplies and shouts are won by a landslide (or lost in an epic battle such as Iran). Pride and dignity? No trolling can replace those nor make anyone believe that these cowardly wins make a brotherhood.

You see, brotherhood is about this: caring for other countries, knowing what they are fighting for and take pride in the damage we do together, win or lose. That brings us to our own alliance. The EDEN PR team will bring you a series of articles, with messages from our own members. Explaining what their very situation is, and why your support is needed too in their individual battles. So, next time you click the DO button, it will not be an anonymous 25 hits, but you will know what you are fighting for:

For true brotherhood - Victoria aut Mors!

EDEN PR team

Salutari din Romania,dragi cetateni din EDEN!

At this moment, Romania is dealing with a hard war against CoT & TWO. The positive effect of this war is that Romanian citizens became more united, our dmg being the first in egov tops. Our president, Valahian is at it's second consecutive mandate and we all hope that he will guide us through the best path. Unfortunately, Romania didn't receive as we expected help from EDEN countries. Reading some stats, we occupy 33'rd place regarding allies support. We, Romanians, hope that EDEN players will fight for us, for Brotherhood and against our enemies : Hungary and the ugly Poland. We thanks especially to Greece, Turkey, Croatia and we are very happy about the support from RoC (Taiwan). We hope that the new EDEN HQ will bring a better strategy in EDEN and to carry out well all their plans. If we don’t have the military force of Cot&TWO we have to fill it up with intelligence and better strategy.

From our EDEN liaison in Romania: TheYakuzini

Een groet aan alle EDEN burgers vanuit Nederland!

The eNetherlands have been fully occupied by Poland for some time now. Main reason is the rare resource of oil in West-NL, and the Polish need at least one other region to get there. But 2 regions are not enough for them. Some time ago, they ‘let’ us have 2 regions, based on a Non Aggression Pact after they were drained due to our multiple RW’s. But when the NAP became effective and some players who didn’t agree started few RW’s, they wanted to teach us a lesson and ended the NAP.
Very recently, we had talks again. But this time, about paying rent for one of our own regions. Though we really need regions for Congress (and we received an unexpected offer coming from within Two for financial support, a ‘player’ that btw recently got permanned), it is humiliating to pay for our own region. The treaty negotiations were on-off-on-off till after publication of the treaty in Poland and we started an RW, we won our region back. Since the Two multi paid for the first Month even before the talks, we consider this to be rightfully ours.
Still, our people are divided over this whole deal, as we are over the chances for liberation through EDEN support. We have been fighting for our brothers in EDEN for quite some time now and some of us feel it is time we see something in return. We hope we can count on your support too, if we will have to fight for our recently regained region again.

We are still looking for an EDEN liaison in the eNetherlands! Contact Zeeuwsmeisje if you are interested.

Un saluto a tutti i cittadini di EDEN dall'Italia!

Italy is occupied for some time, first by FYROM and Slovenia and now by Serbia and Slovenia. Currently, Italy has three of its original regions, but we would regain our other regions.

Italy recently organized a referendum. The decision was clear: to remain part of EDEN. However, many have voted to stay in EDEN not because they believe in the permanence in the alliance, but because they didn’t see an alternative. In the past, EDEN has given so much to Italy, but recently the Italian players are disappointed. The criticism that is made to EDEN is that Italy is not included among the priorities for too long time and that in EDEN some countries are more important than others. Part of the population believes and hopes in EDEN. Part of the population would get out of Eden because it is considered a failure. However, all the Italian players expect that EDEN, in the next time, support some RW in Italy, hoping to win, as in Iran and to convince all of the new EDEN strategy.

From our EDEN liaison in eItaly: Geoland

Pozdrav od Hrvatske, dragi građani EDEN-a!

eCroatia is currently occupying 14 regions in the Indian subcontinent and is enjoying (occasionally) 60% wep and 40% food bonuses. Our core regions are under long-term Serb occupation, which is a huge problem especially now that we have a solid baby boom (1000 new citizens in 2 days), so we have a huge difficulty explaining the situation to them.
As do the babies, so does the majority of the eCroatian population desire to see our core regions free of enemy occupation and even though we are fortunate enough to have congress, what is a rare commodity in our alliance these days, we simply have a patriotic need to see our Homeland free. As are our core regions occupied by the aggressor, we are surviving in our indian colonies whose owners we are currently waging a war with. The same war is best explained here. The war itself is going excellent and we feel that soon we will be able to use all our resources in the augmentation of the current EDEN geostrategic position and war effort.
We feel that it is important to mention an opinion that was growing in the minds and hearts of our citizens that EDEN needs a bit more organisation, above all now that we are outnumbered and outgunned more then ever, but still they, for the most part, play their part and go where they are needed.
In the time I played my role as liaison I have seen a lot of positive changes, however, it is understandable that it is very difficult to rebuild an alliance from what it became in the past months, and I hope that Croats will also come to understand that change doesn't come over night.

From our EDEN liaison in eCroatia: sino301

In the next week(s) we will bring you messages from all other EDEN brothers too.
Of course we have our contacts in the governments of our countries, but we prefer to hear what the common players in every country have to say. That is why we want to have official EDEN liaisons in every EDEN country.
For some countries we are still looking for EDEN liaisons:
- RoC (Taiwan)
- China
- Colombia
- Albania
- Portugal

Please contact Zeeuwsmeisje if you want to know more about this official EDEN position!


taulen Day 1,884, 12:52

Great !🙂

TheYakuzini Day 1,884, 12:52

Victoria aut Mors ! o69

Darren OKitty
Darren OKitty Day 1,884, 12:54


Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,884, 12:55

Victoria aut Mors!

WayneKerr Day 1,884, 12:59

NL will be wiped by eUK soon, lol. Sirry stoners!

Unregistered Citizen
Unregistered Citizen Day 1,884, 13:01


Acid Jazz
Acid Jazz Day 1,884, 13:01

Victoria aut Mors!

A E N E A S Day 1,884, 13:03

Victoria aut Mors!

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,884, 13:06

Victoria aut Mors!

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,884, 13:08

Croatia/EDEN has made no attempt to broker a peace treaty with eIndia, a war they started for no good reason other than wiping India and having control over her territories. There is also the issue about the savings on rent. EDEN may harp on about freeing its alliance members from oppressive powers like Poland and Spain, but its perfectly happy to be a hypocrite when it comes to India.

Shame on you EDEN

Skylovaravas Day 1,884, 13:18

Kick Croatia out of EDEN.

MrConway Day 1,884, 13:18

Croatians are now PTO'ing Ireland.

Once our brothers are now attacking us.

Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,884, 13:30

Death and Taxes +1

Stolch Day 1,884, 13:31


First it is a brotherhood and everyone fights as one, then a genius decided to do some cheap populism underneath and everyone complines how EDEN is not fighting for them.

All hail EDEN, all hail the sisterhood of damage wh..... professionals (female)!

SexyCicko Day 1,884, 13:34

Victoria aut Mors!

Manduco1 Day 1,884, 13:37

Gj on the updates

Nataliia from Galicia
Nataliia from Galicia Day 1,884, 13:50

"Croatians are now PTO'ing Ireland.
Once our brothers are now attacking us."

that is not true
why do u say about a country if it's just a coflict of some people?
I believe Croatis doesn't give a shi what's happening in Ireland now and why u said that, Conway

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Day 1,884, 13:54

"Croatians are now PTO'ing Ireland.

Once our brothers are now attacking us."

Conway, the Patriots are not "Ireland". Not yet at any rate.
eCroatia had little to do with the PTO of your party, I have a fair idea of who is responsible.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,884, 13:58

On no, The Patriots got PTO'd? How sad, OJ must be gutted....

It must be awful having irony bite you on the ass

Obersoldat Day 1,884, 14:12

Victoria aut Mors!

Lavrios Day 1,884, 15:52

My opinion and sorry to say but eGreece community expected to be mentioned in this article. After 5 NEs from the strongest e-countries, fighting almost alone for 2 months for survival AND following EDEN's prios is something that should meet more respect.
Not voted.

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,884, 16:04

@Lavrios: Greece message will be published in the next! In a true brotherhood all members are equal, so everyone's situation will be explained

Ovidiu Sky
Ovidiu Sky Day 1,884, 16:17

I'm more than glad to read this article, at least it shows we have the proper intentions for unity between EDEN members.

Together we stand. Divided we fall.
Victoria aut Mors!

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 1,884, 16:19

CoTWO should ask eTurkey to conquer eIran....
I bet they would gladly do that.

klop123 Day 1,884, 16:32

Victory Aut Mors!

VOREIOHPEIROTHS Day 1,884, 16:42


eptoxeusamen Day 1,884, 17:58


Panda Tuga
Panda Tuga Day 1,884, 19:31



Dellodas Day 1,884, 22:14


evilgod Day 1,885, 00:06


Ipsenikos Day 1,885, 00:12


YannisKoul Day 1,885, 00:28

Αυτος ειναι ο Ζισκαντορ...
και αυτος ειναι ο στρατος του....
Αυτα ειναι τα αδαμαντινα σπαθια τους
που τα εφτιαξαν τυφλες Βαλκυριες...
Απο εδω ειναι ο λοχος της Ανδρομεδας....ΠΡΟΔΟΤΕΣ...ΠΡΟΔΟΤΕΣ.....


KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,885, 00:52


Black Lethal
Black Lethal Day 1,885, 01:05


Macedonian Wrath
Macedonian Wrath Day 1,885, 01:09


Mapplna Day 1,885, 01:15

good job, geoland!

Chrisimos Day 1,885, 01:25


Doctor  Faust
Doctor Faust Day 1,885, 01:25

Victoria aut Mors!

lovric505 Day 1,885, 01:27


elbandido Day 1,885, 01:27


Finally something new!

Broersje Day 1,885, 01:35

I agree that brotherhood is about respect and caring about each other. This is what the SC of EDEN has to say about the eDutch Congress, denouncing his fellow countrymen and even his own party members: "Time to sharpen the knives!! This Congress makes me sick, only 2 good people in it! Bah!!"

Is that the true face of EDEN?

Viacheslav Ukr
Viacheslav Ukr Day 1,885, 02:36

Romania: "We, Romanians, hope that EDEN players will fight for us, for Brotherhood"
What "brotherhood" are you talking about, Romania?....

Thesmos Day 1,885, 03:10

For true brotherhood - Victoria aut Mors!

Lavrios Day 1,885, 03:14

@Zeeuwsmeisje In a true brotherhood article ALL brothers should be mentioned and give their salutation. When this kind of article will be published then you can have my vote.
Thank you.

Cr3akz Day 1,885, 03:48

Victoria aut Mors!

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,885, 03:50


LitoII Day 1,885, 03:51

Finally. A nice brotherhoodish article from EDEN...

... too bad I had to wait for more than a year to see it (:

poseidonsr Day 1,885, 04:34


Exorcism363 Day 1,885, 04:55

o7 Victoria Aut Mors !

Genesis X
Genesis X Day 1,885, 05:21


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