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Freedom Alliance for the eUSA

Day 1,597, 08:07 Published in USA Ireland by Technician

I am the current Party President for the Freedom Alliance for the eUSA.

If you look at the party many of the players that are members have been at least in the past hostile to the eUSA, players than side for the eUSA deserve politicians that actually like the eUSA.

Thus I changed the name of the Party and would like to get your help if you can to keep it a Pro-eUSA party. Yes I know PTO is part of the game but we do not need negative voices in the Congress of the eUSA.

Check out the new name, and mission.

I am running and I like to win.

Thanks for your help.




Savonrepus Day 1,597, 08:24

Good Luck

lMelankoliA Day 1,597, 08:27

Bulgurs OUT!

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,597, 08:35

Good luck!

beerman616 Day 1,597, 08:36

I'm in.

John Killah
John Killah Day 1,597, 10:24

Go Tech :3!

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