Free Trade Died in the New World

Day 538, 18:39 Published in USA Bulgaria by Jewitt
11 May, 2009 (Day 538 of the New World), this is an "open letter" submitted by our own Chief Editor, Jewitt. It does not express the views of The Report and it is not liable for any statements made in this article.

The eUSA has always been a supporter of equal trade among allies, but the allies of Atlantis have barely been so. Here is a quick little synopsis of our trade situation and what is wrong with it.

The United States of eAmerica

High Productivity regions: Grain, Oil, Wood
Average Import Tariff: 29.50%

Our tariffs allow us to import foreign goods without protection to our domestic producers. Our tax scheme has been designed to allow our domestic companies to compete, not be protected. This is how all nations should operate.

Unfortunately, we do not have this in-game. We are open to all imports of finished goods while our allies have shut us out. This is unacceptable.

The eUnited Kingdom

High Productivity regions: Grain
Average Import Tariff: 72%

The eUK lives off of imports of raw materials, but why do they overtax all of us when we allow in their heavily protected (some having 99% tariffs) manufactured goods for our lowly 20% or so? Unfair trade in my opinion. It seems they need us, their allies, since due to these war games and their having a trade embargo because of the Alliance/MPP structure has crippled their economic output.

Maybe they will lower their tariffs?


High Productivity regions: Grain, Iron
Average Tariff: 81%

Okay, many people have had problems with this e-country. We import ~40% of our iron from eSpain. Our problems with this e-country began when they raised wood tariffs to 50% (and then, 99😵 for wood to product their medium production region. After huge inflation they lowered it. They continue to have 50%+ tariffs on all finished goods and their domestic raw materials.

Maybe we should block out their iron with a raise in tariffs?


High Productivity regions: None
Average Tariff: 30%*

eSweden is a country with no high productivity regions and they have proven that by having a low tariff in their raw materials they can competitively create their own finished goods. But, their finished goods average 50% tariffs, but three are ten higher. Why have up to 60% tariffs when your ally across the Atlantis is allowing your goods to be sold for only 20%?


High Productivity regions: Grain
Average Tariff: 70%

With gifts, tickets,housing and grains having the utmost protection (99😵 and weapons not far behind (50😵 they have shut out most, if not all, of their allies. They have most of their raw materials open to import, similar to Sweden, but they seem to be trying to copy the model.

Then again...last time I checked I saw about four Croatian weapons companies and a ticket company exporting to the eUnited States, undercutting our domestic companies and definitely making a wonderful profit. Why can we not do the same?


High Productivity regions: Grain, Oil, Wood, Diamonds, Iron
Average Tariff: 95%

With all tariffs being 99% with exception to weapons (40😵 and the defense system/hospital industries (1%, which is the same for all Atlantis nations), eRomania is the ultimate protectionist. After they gained all five high productivity regions, they set up a system to shut out all of their allies.

This is not a new story. A few months back, eRomania began to raise tariffs on finished goods to 99% and raised the tariffs on their raw materials (Iron and Grain were first).

I could had sworn I bought Q3 food from an eRomania...and I think my Q1 weapon was of eRomanian make. How many eRomanians can say they bought eAmerican goods?

What's up?

Our national government needs to take an active stance in fixing this. We have two options:

1. Demand that our allies lower their tariffs in the name of free trade amongst "friends"
2. Raise our own tariffs to match their own.

Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture? Why are we allowing our allies to come in and take our domestic GOLD when we cannot profitably export over in their own countries? One sided trade is a harm unto society, and in my opinion this is Atlantis abusing our membership and tariff scheme.
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-Jewitt, Chief Editor