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Free or not Free

Day 2,190, 01:45 Published in Norway Norway by Furious Tank

1. Free banner for new building;
2. Building cost 6 gold

free means 6 gold

Free or not Free



FA LO Day 2,190, 01:53

No, free means that you train for free...

Furious Tank
Furious Tank Day 2,190, 06:12

Free means free! 1 gold per 6 str is not free 😃

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,190, 03:45

Y u so Engrish Plato? Free ≠ 6 gold

Silistra Day 2,190, 05:25

Не, мерси.

Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 2,190, 06:00

We are free to pay 6g for training ground..😛

Emanuil 13
Emanuil 13 Day 2,190, 19:21

Free Plato from his misery...

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