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Free food for eBe fighters

Day 1,811, 13:41 Published in Belgium Egypt by A Vegan

I didn't want to do this during election times so I waited. But I want to get rid of food and don't want to sell it but give it away for free! The last months most days I gave a lucky person 300+ Q2 foods just out of fun. But that is a lot of work.

So I think it would be easier to give 10K Q2 food away in one or two days.

As we are currently at war this is the perfect time!

Just reply. Sub if you want (not necessary) and I'll send you 100 Q2 breads! If you are under lvl 25 I'll double it and send 200 Q2 breads. And if you are under lvl 18 I'll double it again and send 400 Q2 breads!
(add your lvl to your reply but be sure I'll check it, if you lie you get nothing!)

For the rich citizens among you feel free to send some Q7 weapons my way 😉

Only condition to get free food: You need to be an eBe citizen and fight for eBe!
Although everyone else can send me weapons 😉

Donations are closed.
5600 Q2 food donated!
Stay around for the next donations article..



NLSP Day 1,811, 13:43

Strongly approved article! (and I don't need food, give it to the younger players 🙂 )

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,811, 13:51

And yes please shout this. I really wanna get rid of that 10K food!

Kylero Day 1,811, 13:58

Great job A Vegan! Aldous would be pleased!

Chihiroh Day 1,811, 14:00

Younger players? You called me? 😃

Nohjis Day 1,811, 14:06

Great initiative.

bannera Day 1,811, 14:06


prostokreten Day 1,811, 14:41

voted+sub old +shout

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,811, 15:01

Just a quick note I am not out for subs. Will never get 1000 anyway and am not trying.
That being said this is only for EBE CITIZENS!!!

And I really check every entry..

Don DiegoF
Don DiegoF Day 1,811, 15:16


WayneKerr Day 1,811, 15:29

Lily told me if i voted you would give me stuff...

Can I have my stuff.

Kamoris KSC
Kamoris KSC Day 1,811, 15:30

Lily said i will get 100 Q7 if i vote this . I want my 100 q7 NOW

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,811, 15:32


It isn't long and very straight forward!

WayneKerr Day 1,811, 15:36

do you really need to post your level, seeing as its right next to the comment made?

BrunoCND Day 1,811, 15:37

Good initiative. Voted 🙂

p0lluxx Day 1,811, 15:39

Voted, good for us in time of war 😃

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,811, 15:51

no need to post lvl lol

Sometimes (if not always) I am such a noob...

Aries Sun
Aries Sun Day 1,811, 16:03

v17, s88, shout

Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Day 1,811, 18:56

Comrade A Vegan - great init. things like this are important in building and maintaining community. There is a state program like this in eSwitzerland.

Best of luck to you and all eBe citizens.

Cotarius Day 1,811, 21:50

Good work and please give my part to the younger people.

Renkie Day 1,812, 23:22

Good work!! Give my part also to a younger person.

JdlF Day 1,812, 00:00

Hello, this is a great new!
Sub level 27, poor fighter 😛.

Chihiroh Day 1,812, 01:24

voted btw

MaryamQ Day 1,812, 04:13

Very nice initiative. Check your storage for my contribution.

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 1,812, 04:52

Voted + shouted

Gyantse Day 1,812, 05:26

Very great idea to make younger players fighting more and better. Support so V and SUB

DaJoXTeR Day 1,812, 06:03

s91 v21

Kaad Day 1,812, 06:12

Very good idea!

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,812, 06:23

Nice ! I'm a young player 😃

drunkenDog Day 1,812, 08:24

Vote + sub... I could use some food please 🙂

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,812, 10:15

Voted a Vegan!
i'm lvl 30

Don DiegoF
Don DiegoF Day 1,812, 10:22

lvl 34

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,812, 14:14

Donated to all eBe citizens who replied. But you are with to little 🙁 And where are all low levels?
So I doubled all donations. Donated 3800 breads. I do hope I can give away more. Tell the lower levels!!!

Dendraad Day 1,812, 14:32

Nice ! food is Good

lin0leum Day 1,812, 14:46

well done comrade, i like the progressive scaling of this food aid.
ps. there is a bit of a noob in every one of us.

mMPoirot Day 1,812, 18:16

v38 s96

Bobby Teuchan
Bobby Teuchan Day 1,813, 02:28


rokkythapa Day 1,813, 02:40

Collected bazookas for moments like this ;P

jjk81 Day 1,813, 04:27

I could use some!!

jjk81 -

Jelly Been
Jelly Been Day 1,813, 04:41

v44 s 97
level 22

Tyxy Day 1,813, 04:43

v46 s99 lvl 31

Nova.Navid Day 1,813, 05:32


A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,813, 14:08

Thanks to all for replying. Donated another 1800 breads.

As I didn't come close to 10K donations I will repeat this another day.

Fight good! Fight for eBe!

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