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For stronger Eire - Saoirse!

Day 1,766, 17:52 Published in Ireland Croatia by Thanatos the Magnificent

Saoirse has been founded, I became Party President of old and inactive IPP party, this wasn't really party lately because there was no active members there so I don't think this is bad decision. We are in top 5 from start and I hope this will gather us more active citizens because we can become serious party from start.

What is Saoire?
Saoirse is the Irish language word for "freedom". We are here to help eIreland. My goal is to gather all active Irish people in this party, this will be place where they can cooperate with other members on some projects which will help our society grow.

We don't have ideology, this is a game, we only have expirience and knowledge to pick the best option for our country. We will always try to make the best decision in certain time. This game is dinamic, game is changing every day and we will be ready to give best answer on what is best thing to do in that certain moment.

All our members have rights to get involved in running this party. All our members will be able to decide about Saoirse decisions. We will have polls and votings about every major issue in eIreland.

What will be our main goals?

1. Activity
2. Tutoring
3. Wep/Food givings
4. Welcoming new citizens
5. Organising party leadership

We will fight for better eIreland best we can. Our goals are to make people of eIreland become more active in our country. We want active country, no matter on irc, ingame or in some other way.

One of our main goal will be to make eIrish relation with other countries stronger. We will encourige our members to get involve in Governments so they really learn something new and become capable to teach someone else what they learned. We will give all our members [/b]advices in both economical and military aspects of this game,[/b] we will try to teach them how to make money, how to become stronger soldier, how to get more active and most important how to help his country because eIreland is reason because I'm starting this project/party, we really need to work hard to achieve something.

Maybe our biggest goal for near future will be to activate our congress. We have PM discussions but I think, we need activated chat channel where you can give your opinion about something when you put your law on voting. Congress members should have their own opinion about things they are voting and feel free to put their law on voting too. This is what we want for our members which will be in congress. So, speak up for stronger Eire!

Saoirse is center party, but we are also open for all people who want help us with this project, for all you who have their ideas, plans and want express that, no matter right or left. We don't wanna have enemies, only friend who want cooperate with us on project which are good for eIreland.

We’re looking for anyone who would like to join us in running our party, we need people who are ready to work hard to achieve great things, we need people who will be Recruitment officiers, PR Director, Communications Director and a lot other roles.

Our motto will be:

"For stronger Eire - together!"

This is first official article after we got our party in game, so I will organize little giving action to all who vote article, and double giving for one who join party now 😃

So, leave comment with you opinion and number of vote you gave to this article and I will send you 200 health of food 😃 If you join party write that in comment too and you will get 400 health from us.

Let's celebrate togheter!

Once more we're in front of new congress elections.

Like always I'll try to organise Saoirse candidates so we can get maximum number of congressmans, also once more I've created forms where u should apply if you want be Saoirse candidate for congress elections. You will see place where you can put your applications. Those who don’t apply will not be able to become Saoirse candidate for Congress elections.

Let's keep improving Ireland, let's keep up good work together, send post here:


If you posting on form, you'll get my answer that you are accepted as a candidate.

Join Saoirse now:


And apply for some role in party! We need leaders for Saoirse!!




Thanatos the Magnificent
Thanatos the Magnificent Day 1,766, 17:54


Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,766, 17:57

For stronger Eire - Saoirse!

Register on forum and join #Saoirse ; get involved help us establish most active party here!


Bigmike727 Day 1,766, 17:57

Nice article o7, glad to see the IPP (Saoirse) become active again, would join if I had cs

o Gravy
o Gravy Day 1,766, 18:35


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,766, 20:24

I belive its free to say its Kurgan who destroyed this Irish Pimp Party....

mirek12345 Day 1,767, 03:24

Good to see another old eIrish party being re-established

SokoBiH Day 1,767, 03:59


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,767, 04:05

Good luck with that. However, I am getting rather tired of provisional style clichés as images for MU's and Political Parties. Obviously as an eNation we are still stuck in the 70's. Genuinely though, glad to see that you are resurrecting the IPP

Drotichko Day 1,767, 04:17


MikiST Day 1,767, 04:33


Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Day 1,767, 09:40


LacticAcid Day 1,767, 09:43


The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,767, 13:24

IPP isn't really an "old" party. Good luck if you have good intentions.

Octavius Dryst
Octavius Dryst Day 1,767, 14:51

V22 I think bribery is wrong 😛

Random Irish Guy
Random Irish Guy Day 1,767, 17:21

Saoirse is also an Irish girls name lol

Matija Kovacevic
Matija Kovacevic Day 1,767, 17:36

pick me pick me haha

HateFul Day 1,767, 17:53

irski proleteri ♥

Leprechaunlad Day 1,767, 20:14

It's nice to see the party snap back into action 🙂 This will introduce a little competition into eIrish politics! (v.28)

WTChalk Day 1,768, 02:57

Voted, Subbed and Joined!
For stronger Eire - together!

miudyk Day 1,768, 14:22


AppleMan Day 1,768, 17:44


Bassy Day 1,776, 23:29

o7 tempting, i'll think about it.

fearrchair Day 1,794, 12:55

Best of Luck - The Future....

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