Food Program Day 5619-25

Day 5,619, 08:11 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior
Food Program Day 5619-25
Government and Privately Funded

Let me make this clear-- high level strong fighters are just as welcome here as low level/strength and noobs. Our weapons in your hands are far more valuable on the battlefield than those same weapons in my hands... so you're doing me a favor by taking my weapons to fight with.

Dateline: Sunday, April 9 2023 (Day 5619 ).
Editor: President Custer

Last week we served 50 people a total of 251,825cc in free food and guns.
This week the spreadsheet and budget are set to serve 50.

Weekly Food Distribution

Comment below. I’ll send you 3000 4000 energy worth of Government Food.

Bonus Weapons Distribution

50 will be served Food and Weapons.
30 of those may request Air as well.

This portion of the give-away won’t always be here, but it is this time.

Fine Print

eUS Citizens only. Public and Privately funded. While supplies last. First come, first served. No shirt no shoes no service. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. No personal checks. Get out of my chair.

[DoI] Weekly Food Days 5619-25

DoD Daily 5619 : vs Greece at Thessaly

Your eUS Department of Interior. We’re here to help.

government cheese is the best cheese.