Food Assistance Program

Day 5,532, 16:42 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

Aloha my fellow eCitizens of these here United States of eAmerica!

Thee Dude here.

As your current Minister of Education/Interior it's my pleasure, and job, to announce a new national food giveaway.

Introducing the latest measure to help our great eCitizens,

Starting on Day 5,533, that's this Friday, the Food Assistance Program will be handing out 20,000 energy worth of food to each person who comments on this WEEKLY post. That's a whole day worth of energy for a lot of folks. Very nice.


20K energy once a week. On Fridays.

Got it? Then get ready to tuck in!

So, if you are a new player who needs help, or a veteran who might be dealing with food insecurity, or just enjoy a free lunch, comment every Friday on the Food Assistance Program post on the National feed.
This Friday feast is sponsored by our generous CP Patano. 100% taxpayer free!

Thank you CP Patanok for helping to feed the hungry accounts of our growing eNation! Well done sir!

So remember, Food Assistance Program every Friday.

Thank you for your time eUSA.

Thee Dude

Minister of Education/Interior