First screenshot of Erepublik V1

Day 289, 11:15 Published in USA by Plato

We are proud to present to you the first official Erepublik V1 screenshot that we can share at this stage: [a url=]the logged in homepage[/a]
Some Citizens started thinking that V1 is a myth, but today we have the first evidence that we are really working hard on bringing a completely new and special product that keeps al the beta’s historical data, plays on its strengths and fixes its main weaknesses.
The page suffered over time some important changes during design and coding so we kept it secret until now. (Start hint) The majority of V1 is designed and programmed now and we will be sharing more and more of it over the next insider articles. This doesn’t mean V1 will be live tomorrow because there is still some programming, testing and corrections to do but it does mean its close. Of course based on the tester’s feedback it is likely the homepage that finally goes live will have some minor changes to the one you are seeing now (end hint).

As you can see, in V1 Citizens will be able to send public messages to all their friends. Also, if you are a Member of Congress or President this will be a new tool that can be used to communicate your decisions and thoughts easier and faster to the Citizens.

To do
Yes, we will have again the missed automated “To do list” (not a final name) that we had in the initial version of the Beta. This will be a much improved version notifying you when a new feature is available (there will be stuff you can do once you reach a certain level only) and when you missed your daily tasks, it will be useful in particular for new users.

Along with this teaser we started [a url=]a contest on the Erepublik forum[/a] All you have to do is to predict the launching day of V1. Special prizes 😉 for the Citizens who will guess the correct day will be awarded.

The wars will be closed in BETA

Just like we stated in one of our last insider articles, the war module will be completely changed in V1 and we will present screenshots of it in future articles. In order to prepare for these modifications we have decided to stop the fighting in the BETA. So the wars which are now active and the new wars that will be declared from now on until V1 launch, will not have any active battles.

Thank you for your support,
The Erepublik Team