First Albanian baby boom! Over 700 people in one day!

Day 1,399, 11:38 Published in USA Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Kris the Intriguer

We Albanians needed more people to add our country in erepublik so we made this article:
It was made yesterday (18/09/2011) and we already reached over 700 people!
Seems this baby boom will oblige admins to add our country.
It was a surprise for us too. We wouldn't imagine to have this number in just 1 day.
Imagine the number we will have in the following days, weeks and months.
700 people in one day is not normal, if we continue like this, Albania promises to form the greatest empire in eRepublik together with our Croatian & Greek friends.

Hopefully most of players will be active in the game.
Anyway, we will still work to find more people.
This was all for now. 🙂
Press office of Albanian Unity Party in USA.