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Financial Aid 2.0

Day 2,173, 17:47 Published in USA USA by TheResolution

Yes, IT HAS BEEN A WHILE.... Man, a really long time. It want to make short, sweet and to the point. If am giving Financial Aid Message me what you need in this order. If you don't need the listed item, put the number and say none. NO AID WILL BE GIVEN IF NOT PUT IN OREDER!!!

1. Weapons
2. Food
3. Money (Varies from 10 - 1000)
4. Moving Tickets
5. How I can improve this...

Every Friday I well post a Lottery Article and you just send an entry fee of 10 USD and message me the word LotteryEntry. The TOP 3 winners will earn as follows...

1st Place: 500USD
2nd Place: 250USD
3rd Place: 100USD


TheResolution @2013



Kripto.GraM Day 2,173, 18:00


TheResolution Day 2,173, 18:22

and hopefully not the last! @Kripto.GraM

LudwigV.Mises Day 2,173, 23:40


Thanks 😉

yukka08 Day 2,174, 06:40

1. weapons - yes i need.
2. food - yes i need.
3. money - yes i need (100 us$)
4. moving tickets - no i do not need ( i do not even know what they are)
5. placing this as a long-term link in the section you did gives easy access for those interested.

Johnvacan160 Day 2,174, 07:16

1. weapons - i need some of these if possible ;p
2. food - i would appreciate if i can just get around the tax issue 😃
5. adding optionals for people would improve this ;p

Thanks for the giveaways it shows how you help eUSA good luck.

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