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Final days...

Day 1,808, 11:12 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Firebourne

Good day fellow eMalaysians.

My term is coming to end and I've done everything I could to lead this nation but I doubt I have contributed much. Admittedly, I have learned a lot about being a president, especially when you do not have a functioning body to work with you. It feels terribly lonely. When we finally had our first congress, I was so relieved, as we could finally start moving things along even though the time left for me to do anything would be very limited.

International Alliance
As most of you will remember, we had our referendum recently. We've already approached the leaders of an alliance and we're hoping to finally to make in roads. It is unlikely I can finish off this process of getting us into an alliance, but I'm pretty sure our future CP will be capable enough to continue this journey of getting us into the alliance. It was only a few days ago I received a reply from a representative of that alliance that they will hand the proposal to their top people.

Parti Rakyat eMalaysia (PReM)
I'm pleased to say that PReM is currently the largest political party in eMalaysia and the party is heading in the right direction. We've got some incredible leaders in there. I have taken this party as far as I can with the limited time I've had. Yes, we only got through one congress but to dominate a 50% majority of the congress is in my books a good result as a starting point. I've decided that I will not renew my term for the fourth time in Parti Rakyat eMalaysia. I've already decided to throw my backing for a particular Party President candidate and I hope all party members will back this person up like the way you did.

Final term as CP
I have done everything I could as the President. Some really good decisions, some really bad decisions and some were extremely poor decisions. I've always said and maintained that I'm only a Party leader, never a natural born leader to lead the nation. I've enjoyed my time as the Country President and I believe that it is my time to end my journey in eMalaysian politics here in the modern era.

Future President
I've decided to back Nerzhu1 as the next Presidential candidate. He's eager and young. He's already began doing some ground work with the people and we know, that's extremely important in our political culture. I hope eMalaysians will support him like the way everyone had supported me in the past, even though he is from eMalaysian Democratic Union.

Natural Enemy Mission
Many have messaged me, asking if it is possible for us to have an NE to finish of the NE. Unfortunately, the answer is no. One, we do not have the financial means to support the NE as our economy just only restarted. Two, we do not share a border with a viable eNation as an option to do a TW. Three, there's just too many political and economic risks involved. Therefore, we've concluded that we will not be having a TW with any nation.

Tax Reforms
I think many will know politically that I've been an advocate for lower income tax and higher VAT. It is important that eMalaysia increase the VAT as the income we have at the moment isn't sufficient for us to generate an income. As a result, we can't sign many MPPs. I believe that income tax should be lowered to 1% while VAT should be at 3% (food) and 5% (weapons). When I suggested this to the members of congress, many had supported the idea. However, later I decided against it as the lower Q businesses are not making enough for a higher VAT and also the its only recently we've just reduced the minimum wage. It will take a while for the effect of the minimum wage to be felt. We are just only restarting our economy. I do hope in the long term, the VAT will be increased to support our country's income.

I am officially ending my term as President by announcing that I will not be standing for the next term. I also would like to announce that I will not be standing for the fourth time as the Party President of Parti Rakyat eMalaysia. I have too much commitments in November and that will make it impossible for me to play an active part of eRepublik. I have done everything I could to lead this country. I am sorry to those who I have disappointed as a leader and I can only offer gratitude for having faith in me as a leader in the first place with a great sense of regret for not doing a good enough job. I am grateful to those who guided and supported me. I am thankful for being an eMalaysian. I've learned and enjoyed so much because of everyone.

Good luck to my fellow eMalaysia on future challenges and I hope eMalaysians will work together to make eMalaysia an even better country.


The end of a horrible pathetic essay

Fire out!


Nerzhu1 Day 1,808, 18:10

V o7

Tan Wee Lip
Tan Wee Lip Day 1,808, 19:15


Noveras Day 1,809, 01:41

only 4 votes for a CP article......eMY have not change much I guess

Hajariyan X2
Hajariyan X2 Day 1,809, 01:54

good : - )

mhifzan Day 1,809, 05:16


Firebourne Day 1,809, 08:14


MiVEX Day 1,809, 09:06


Marcotje Day 1,809, 09:36

Voted, you did great Firebourne

TeMing Day 1,809, 09:52

Ending already? It's not even 5th of the month yet! And once you are prez, you'll always get involved in anything and everything if you wish to xP

Firebourne Day 1,809, 10:36

@Marcotje; Thanks! ^^

@TeMing: I'm struggling for time in the real world. xP

HardFever Day 1,809, 14:45


theSafeGuard Day 1,809, 20:55

Ini kali la..!!! u done just great boss.

Amli Nujhan
Amli Nujhan Day 1,809, 22:43

Firebourne can be my president again any time.

Firebourne Day 1,810, 09:23

@theSafeGuard: Oh crap... Not that slogan again. lol... Thanks though! ^^

@Amli Nujhan: Thank you! I might when I come back in full time. XD

Jimbet Day 1,811, 16:59

Ai ai capten sory xbpe nak aktif sejak 2 menjak. Bz dengan convocation day.. Ahehhehe

Jimbet Day 1,811, 17:00

I will start my politic career once my level reach 25. 🙂

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