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Fight Smart, Fight Proud (fighting 101)

Day 603, 20:24 Published in USA USA by Gaius Julius

<strong>The outcome of the war is in our hands.
Homer (800 BC - 700 BC)</strong>

Citizens war is upon us, with the threat of invasion at our door every day it is important that we maximize our fighting potential. I have written a citizens smart guide to doing the max damage possible in the coming days. It is crucial that every new player read this and understand how they can increase their potential damage.

The basics:
In order to fight in nay battle you must be level 5 and have 40% wellness or above.

Guns!!!Big explosions yay!!!
Weapons are a crucial tool in battles, they increase your damage and maximize your fighting potential. The higher the quality weapon the higher your damage output will be. You do not need weapons to fight in a battle. If you lack the money you can simply fight bare fisted, you will do minimum damage but you will still help. However if you can scrape the cash together, fighting with weapons can help you rank up faster and help the eUS defends itself better.

How to:
BEFORE YOU FIGHT IN ANY BATTLE ALWAYS LOOK FOR OFFICIAL ORDERS FROM THE PRESIDENT OR THE CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS. The first place to look for a battle is on the active wars section. To get to this go to the top sections "my places", then click the "army" button. In that page you will see a button for active wars. Go there, you will be taken to a list of wars, wars with the most recent battles will be at the top. Click details for the war you want and you have successfully found the battle! Once you are in the battle screen, do not fight too many times and risk damaging your wellness understand how to use a hospital

Hospitals heal war wounds (loss of wellness) on the same server day as any fighting. After you fight you can use a hospital to regain wellness. For every Q of the hospital in your state you will gain back 10 wellness. For example New jersey has a Q5 Hospital so if you fight you will regain 50 wellness if you heal in NJ. To find out the quality of your hospital, go to your profile tab and click on the region below your citizen name, scroll down and you will see the quality. It is recommended whenever you fight that you are living in Kansas, New Jersey, or Florida as these our are only Q5 Hospitals.

An important note to remember is that you do not have to fight as many times as you want to gain back in wellness. A Q5 will always allow you to regain 50 wellness whether you fight once or five times. This means if you have 40 wellness when you fight you only have to fight once to boost your wellness to 80! That means the next day you can fight more and your productivity will increase. This results increased productivity and strength for the eUS.

HOW TO USE A HOSPITAL: After you have fought to the level you want to heal, then go to the battle page and under the fight button is a "Hospital" button, you will be taken to your hospitals wellness page. There is a small blue button "heal"press this to use the hospital.

Know Thyself
Every battle lasts 24 hours. That means you should be able to twice in every battle. If you are smart you will use the first fight to maximize your wellness. This will help you do more damage ont he second day of fighting.

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT OVER FIGHT. After you fight on the second day you may be tempted to fight again even after healing. This is a poor move unless you are strategically ordered to. It will put you at an extreme disadvantage when the next battle comes.

Fight with your head
Always Train first. This consumes 1 wellness point but increases your damage potential. Then Fight. Then Heal. The last thing you should do is work. Following this strategy you will increase damage and productivity.

Those silly Resistance Wars.
Resistance Wars are a crucial battle move, often they are used to drain enemy damage or distract them from other attacks. However be careful when you fight in a eUS RW. Look for orders before you fight for or against this. Often we will purposely RW a region to block an enemy attack ro return an ally region.

One last related thing...

In the coming weeks our enemies will try to take over the Legislative and Executive branches of our allies. This will allow them to cancel MPP's and loot their treasuries to give them cash to fight us. As we have seen our allies our crucial to our defense. We can not allow this to happen. If you are interested in helping to defend democracy abroad and keep our defensive alliances in place consider joining the eUnited States Air Force. This military branch is open to everyone and allows people to protect the eUS through protecting our allies. If you are interested go HERE

Thank you, please vote so your fellow citizens can get the benefit of this knowledge.

-Gaius Julius



Woxan Day 603, 20:26


Crash and Burn Industries
Crash and Burn Industries Day 603, 20:26

Good article

docdubya Day 603, 20:27

Loving Gaius's stuff

Daniel Hawkins
Daniel Hawkins Day 603, 20:30

Gaius izawsum.

CrashNBurn Day 603, 20:31

Vote it up so new people will see and read it

Aatticus Draco
Aatticus Draco Day 603, 20:37

>Vote it up so new people will see and read it<

i PM it to new people i know and those that i will meet

Aatticus Draco
Aatticus Draco Day 603, 20:39

i've been PMing this one too
A Guide to Wellness
<a href="" target="_blank">[..]/1/20</a>

Zqym Day 603, 20:41

Gaius, you're a great mentor! Now I'm not working until AFTER I fight.

Jasper Ferguson
Jasper Ferguson Day 603, 20:43

Great article, Gaius.

ligtreb Day 603, 20:53

Excellent work Gaius!

Lex Scandalex
Lex Scandalex Day 603, 20:58

I'm happy when people post this subject. Its helps everyone understand the game. Great, let vote it up

Quanah Parker
Quanah Parker Day 603, 21:09

Good stuff, thanks Gaius!

Azol Day 603, 21:11


fingerguns Day 603, 22:04

I love all of these 'how to' articles! It's great to see everyone so focused on education and defense!!!!!!

Our newbs are going to be hardcore when it's all said and done.

Nero Preto
Nero Preto Day 603, 23:22

"Fight with your head"
I fight with guns. lol

Great article Julius. Voted!

giggity! Voted

Chris Dakteer
Chris Dakteer Day 604, 05:36

Well written. Just the right amount of motivation mixed with a touch of caution.

eliwood_sain Day 604, 08:02

I thought we were not supposed to go to Kansas unless NJ or FL fell.

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Day 604, 11:22

Fighting 101? Sounds familiar. 😃

Gaius Julius
Gaius Julius Day 604, 12:24

Yeah joe, i read through your and harlots old articles for most of the template of this article.

Humblebee Day 708, 10:47

Thanks,very helpful

FANTOS Day 1,413, 14:49

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