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Fed Up With Corruption

Day 487, 10:08 Published in USA Thailand by sparkster

If you are fed up with corruption and bad politics, please PM me and ask about a move to eThailand.

This is a government funded programme so if you contact me we both stand to win benefits from it.

Thanks for your time, sparkster



Wojtowicz Day 487, 10:13

Because of course, Thailand is the place to go if you don't want corruption. I recall the TNT disaster and later, Thailand (a 'neutral' country) helping Indonesia to destroy India.

I used to really like Thailand, but not anymore.

Angle Food Charity
Angle Food Charity Day 487, 10:14

Stay in the USA

Muljo Gobet
Muljo Gobet Day 487, 10:15

I don't like corruption but don't post a pic of our flag burning. It pisses me off.

sparkster Day 487, 10:18

Do you know who burns the most american flags in the world.

The americans, specifically the boy scouts of america.
When the flag gets dirty to give it the best send off they burn it.

Wojtowicz Day 487, 10:22

first of all, they cut off the union first. second of all, does that picture look like a boyscout burning to you?

Muljo Gobet
Muljo Gobet Day 487, 10:22

DAMN THEM BOY SCOUTS!!! lol they do it respectually, following the rules. The pic isn't.

sparkster Day 487, 10:51

Yeah i concede i could have searched google images a bit longer for a more respectful picture of the burning instead of some random lol.

Sorry for an offence caused it wasnt chosen for that reason.

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