Fast Food Franchise Finances Failing Funny Farm

Day 603, 06:05 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Daniel Krane

The Good Mood Food company of London has completed their contract with Al's Discount Insane Asylums. After long deliberation on the details of the contract, GMF has settled on two tatoo advertisments on each tenant and a roof mural for their Hanwell facility. In return, Al's Asylums is promised that one third of their operating costs will be covered by GMF.

The inmates at Al's Asylums took the news surprisingly well, waving hands and laughing from their barred windows. One inmate managed to stick his head through and shouted to our reporter, "Tortea-Tortea says he is VERY special and wants to say HIYA-ish." We do not have an accurate report on who Tortea-Tortea is but we are glad to see their support of the subject."

FS Holdings, owner of GMF, sent us a statement saying that "Despite rumors to the contrary, all of Al's Discount Insane Asylums will be run with the exact same degree of efficiency and professionalism as before. Enclosed in this letter is a coupon for a free double classic spicy cheeseburger. (Available only while supplies last, void if prohibited.)"