Fantastic Mr. Foxtrot: A RFA PP Manifesto

Day 839, 14:11 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot

Hello, I’m Betafoxtrot and I am running for PP of the Radical Freethinker’s Alliance.

An Introduction

I joined RFA after Winston won PP in the UKRP where I instantly joined in on IRC. When I joined GGRyan was the PP and he allowed me to run for congress, I declined this as I had commitments to the eUK navy where I was a captain. Another term passed under GG where I continued my work in the Navy. During this time I talked alot to AltmerVampire, JvB, IndieKid and AndyMillward, who all educated me on the political system, which helped me rise through the ranks within the RFA. February PP elections arrived and IndieKid won. I have been his VPP for the past month and have assisted in decision-making and the day-to-day running of the party.

I have decided to run this month, with the backing of the RFA cabal and IndieKid (Current PP), JvB (ex-MoD and cabal member), John Bartlett (cabal member), AltmerVampire (cabal member) and James Woosh (Awesome guy) and have endorsement from Steve Steinbeck, PP of our friends the UKRP. As well as the backing of these guys, I also feel some of IndieKid’s butter has rubbed off on me during my time as VPP and that I can take this party a step closer to the top of all the political parties.


- Commodore in the eUK navy
- Ex-uMoW for civi-guns
- Ex-Apprentice in MoHA for education, new players, off-site advertising, in-game advertising, migration
- Ex-Ambassador to eMalaysia and eSingapore
- Apprentice for MoHA for media x2
- Apprentice for MoHA for Wiki



I don’t have much of a problem on this. Obviously as I’m sure most people who are attempting to be elected PP agree, a good sort out of forum announcements and stickies is in order.
Mod status would also be given to the VPP to ensure if I’m not around someone will be there to keep the RFA forums from getting out of hand.

In Game

I have a few ideas for this, but first the basics; I will have a push in advertising for the RFA whether that’s in in-game ads or newspaper articles for recruitment. For current members, forum activity is on low side, but acceptable, more members/congressman active on IRC is a must. As anybody in the navy channel or RFA channel can tell you, I believe heavily in using IRC. I’d like to use the navy and SF as an example here, at strategic times during a battle, as many members of the navy/SF will meet up on IRC to all fight at the same time, thus making alot of damage relatively quickly. However, going this far is too much for a party, it reinforces the fact IRC is a reliable source, where you can talk to the PP or get to know other members.
On the little more technical side, I’d like to propose a few things if I’m elected. The first may require a little time but can be effective, and that is an overhaul of the RFA image. I’m talking new logo, new target members, possible new avatar that can be personalised, maybe even a ‘motto’. This has the possibility of stealing new members who join other parties e.g. BEP (who get alot of newbie members) when they join the game. The second is other party relations. A big part of this will be with FDP, I’m not thinking on a merger, just that I believe FDP have a very good know how of the technical side of eRep (with API and other things) but that they could eventually grow to be a main party contender, overtaking PCP. The last thing I propose is removal of the fallacy the RFA are left, right or indeed central. We are none of these, but we accept views from either direction. This too will help, I would hope, to build bridges with the left wing in order for all parties to work together to help the UK as a whole.


Some would say this is insignificant to anything but a very small team of people working on the RFA wiki, and the unfinished guide would need finishing or scrapping altogether.

Within the party

An idea I have thought about, which with some help could spread to other parties, is a reward system, like medals in the military, that show to others that this person works hard, and gets the job done. The details haven’t been ironed out yet so if I am elected, don’t expect this right away.
Another thing is articles. As well as appointing someone to make these, I will encourage RFA members to write articles for the RFA to publish in its paper. They can message me with the content and we can publish it, the person will get full credit and if they have one, a link to their own newspaper as an incentive for them to get more subs. Also, any body who publishes anything good about the RFA will get a mention in our paper.


I’m happy for anyone to have a go at congress, so long as they accept they may not be able to run where they want to. This will, hopefully, be more organised to stop any problems that came up with it like last month.

A Summary, goals and the tl;dr version

Although I am an optimist, a minimum of 350 members by the end of my term is reasonable, and possibly an easy goal.

We had 15% of congress last term, a slight increase is a good bet.

More educational, helpful articles written by myself and other RFA members.

A tidier RFA forum.

Some unity, as I have said, with other parties.

And support for new and upcoming congress men and future ministers to help them get further, and
get to where they want to be.

An acceptable overhaul of RFA’s image.

Backed by cabal members.

Thanks for reading!
Vote Betafoxtrot for PP!