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Fake tricks to get money...

Day 2,029, 08:41 Published in Belgium Belgium by JdlF

... Or mainly not losing it 😛.

Hello my dear followers.

As you've all seen I was back in my old habits.

With my CP we coutned, I was an 8-clicker for a month. Not bad as MoF. Yeah, not to be proud... Or maybe less, it proves that you don't have to be "elite" (haha ok i stop playing with this word 😉 ).

As you've seen we are doing a media mogul project. Good point to get golds? Not!

Indeed eBelgium is too small; even if all eBelgians would register to my newsletter, I would not get more than 500 subscribers (please, still, do subscribe, i'll sub you [he says]).

I've also seen a nice trick to not losing money while travelling... Fake! travelling cost too much, a way better trick will be explained right after you subscribe to my newsletter.

Let say you subscribed.
So here are the good fake tricks to get meoney or not lose them.

-Don't fight, it costs a lot! More if you don't BH. In fact, only focus on BH-ing. Train a lot to that (btw training is a real trick so I don't put it in this "fake trick" testimonial ... TRAIN I SAID).

-Don't travel, especially if you don't fight! Way better trick than sx80's one!

-Don't lend money, especially to Beaverss.

All those tricks are simple and nice?! No! You do want the ultimate trick!

Two words, a picture (well it's more a picture, two words):

Combat Stash

Moreover you please eRepublik, a lot!

(their gf are happy)

thank you,

Ur two-cliker

ps: next time, take care, real advices 😮.



Teddy beer eBe
Teddy beer eBe Day 2,029, 11:10

"I've also seen a nice trick to not losing money while travelling... Fake! "


/me throw lightning to JdlF (😉

(*)I'm on the internet and i do what i want.

JdlF Day 2,029, 14:03

Fake! Look at me, one travel per month!! Wayyy cheaper 😃

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,029, 16:47

Girls is a really interesting tv serie!

MaryamQ Day 2,029, 18:06

It is also really cheap to inherit money.

JdlF Day 2,030, 02:39

True! That's also a good way, i will add it in the next edition.

Boklevski Day 2,030, 05:00

Inherit money? Who should we kill?

MaryamQ Day 2,030, 05:42

Who's the richest?

JdlF Day 2,030, 12:23

Backward! Already dead.
I guess it's our main en trully dictator 😃

Chihiroh Day 2,031, 01:25

Let's kill Jofroi, he has almost as much CC as the whole country!

BelgiumGeneral Day 2,030, 02:54

Yeah but if we all stop fighting the eWorld would be pretty boring 😛

Cotarius Day 2,030, 04:07

The cheapest way too travel is lent money and never give back 😛

MaryamQ Day 2,030, 05:42

sshhhh! You weren't supposed to tell about that one.

JdlF Day 2,030, 12:23

Yeah this one is the secret tool man 😕

Ely.nea Day 2,030, 07:42

suscribe already : voted

Kylero Day 2,030, 16:25

Please don't use the term "faggot".

JdlF Day 2,031, 00:53

How sorry dude, tbh I didn't even know the signification i just took the first "subscribe or be..." that i found.
Google translate asked me to delete it too. And I always do as google tells.

Chihiroh Day 2,031, 01:26

Please don't use cute little "Hello Kitty" when you troll.


Nohjis Day 2,031, 02:52

"Hello Kitty" endorses this message !

JdlF Day 2,031, 08:18

i don't troll 🙁
Ok sometimes... 😃

JeguljaM Day 2,032, 10:01

My MU pays for q7 weps, food and travel cost, owned.

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