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Day 835, 11:57 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

Many of you might have observed a new button in several places, including the home page (when you're not logged in). Despite the fact that it's not a red one, we know that some of you still wondered: “Uuhh, what does this Connect button do?” This is what we are going to explain in this Insider.

The new “Connect” feature is related to Facebook, one of the biggest social networks in the world. A hugely successful one, we might say. We, as a game based upon social interactions, couldn't have missed this great social tool. Our Facebook page has over 23.000 fans but most likely even more of our citizens have a Facebook account. They are the ones who will be interested in this new feature.

Quick question: what does the “Connect” button do?
Quick answer: it synchronizes your eRepublik and Facebook accounts.

Quick question: and how does this help me?
Quick answer: you can invite your Facebook friends into eRepublik (thus earning GOLD) and also let the world know what are you doing in the New World.

If you choose to synchronize your accounts, don't forget to keep your feeds active, as this is a requirement in order to have your Facebook wall automatically updated. The word "automatically" may trigger some fears, but don't worry: your wall will not be spammed! Only the most important events in your e-life are posted there. What are the most important events? Well, being rewarded with a new achievement is surely an example! As well as buying a new house and voting. All of these are pretty rare events, but interesting enough to be announced. Journalists might particularly love this: articles published in eRepublik are also linked on your Facebook wall. Free advertising! 😃

Aside from being proud of your achievements, we said that you can also gain GOLD. Well, this is fast and easy: in addition to sending invitations to your Facebook friends, all eRepublik-related wall updates include your referral link. Any FB user landing for some reason on your page and registering through your referral link might bring you 5 GOLD (by reaching level 6). But maybe an even greater reward would be to have in a morning this message on your wall: “I got elected President of x Country!”; or to be honoured as the battle hero of a truly epic battle. Admit it, this would make you so proud! 😃 Then what are you waiting for? Synchronize your accounts!

We must say that right now we have only three achievements out of the existing eight implemented in the application: hard-worker, super-soldier, and country president. In the following period (a short one) we will add the rest of them.

At the end of our article, a quick update: we announced some changes for the newly born citizens (starting with 100 wellness) as well for the hospital rule (healing only wellness lost in battles). Those updates will have to wait a little longer in order to make sure that we cover all the indirect implications and issues that might appear. We'll keep you posted about this subject.

The eRepublik Team