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EZC Survey Results

Day 1,794, 16:38 Published in USA USA by Deepchill

We recently made a survey to find out more about our EZC members experience in the MU so we can focus on how to improve ourselves in our members eyes. First we would like to thank those of you that took the time to fill out the survey and helped giving us some valuable feedback. We are quite happy with the results and your comments/suggestions, and will be working to implement those that we can.

To give you a little information on the accuracy of the results, we received responses from approximately 35% of our people who were active at the time of the survey. While not a perfect representation, it is a decent response to the voluntary survey and has given us things to work on.

How did you hear about EZC?

It appears that the most popular way that our members heard about EZC was through the shout feeds, with newspaper articles and the Fed party coming in close behind.

How does EZC compare with other MU?

When asked to rate EZC vs their past MU’s, a whopping 87% said that EZC is the best MU they’ve been in, 9% said that EZC doesn’t even come close to past MU’s (in a positive way of course), 2% say we’re the same as all other MU’s, and 2% say that we’re better than some, worse than others.

How happy are you with QM and Leadership?

Up next on the chopping block are the QM’s and the Leadership.. Who will get the higher rating?? (smart money is on the guys that are more visible and give out the goodies lol)
The QM’s lead off with a rating of 8.87/10 … well done you workaholics o7. The Leadership follows up with a rating of 8.58/10 … Okay QM’s, you win this round, now back to work lol.

What would you change if you were EZC's CO?

Our next question, was one that many people like to talk about... If you were CO, what would you change? Let’s look at some of the responses: (some were repetitive)
“More Screaming Eagle attacks” (to clarify, this is our mobile Mass attacks), “Hire a few more QM’s”, “More activity in the chat room”, “More media”, “More communication between the soldiers and the higher ups”, “Nothing except possibly more variety in food, 50 seems to low but i feel guilty if i take the 100 even if i need it”.

To answer a few of the suggested changes so far, we are making progress on implementing them.
-We have made inroads into putting ourselves in position to launch more SE attacks (MA's), and are looking forward to seeing more of them (at least weekly) soon.
-As far as QM's, we have added 2 additional people the last few weeks, so again, working on it.
-Chat room activity... well, it's not mandatory, but it is fun to come in and chat with your brother's and sisters in arms. More MA's should increase that, and we are considering other options as well for making irc a better time for those there.
-More food choices? Easily fixed. The options for food are now 25, 50, 75 so you can better request what you need.
-It was actually somewhat surprising to see how many of you requested more media and information, but hey, that's what this was all about. So.. we are going to make it a point to do a better job in that area with articles and more information for our members.

Why are you staying in EZC?

The last question posed to our members was something every MU likes to know... Why do you stay in EZC? (*response has been shortened due to length or repetition, but the wording is still the member that wrote it)
*“Also in this MU you get what you deserve. i feel good here and i ain t gonna change this anymore, i will grow up here. i go only when they take me out”
*“EZC have great leaders, great QM’s, and great members. Most of the guys in the MU are very active, very helpful, and a lot of fun”
“Because we have nice and friendly people, strong multicultural environment and such”
“EZC is a great MU in many ways... Very well organized even with its obvious lack of communication. I love helping others and this place is full of helpful people”
*”There’s a lot of help being focus on the eYoung and you can always ask for something (food, weapons, and advices) and you can be certain that your query will be answer very fast.”
*“I love EZC. Without EZC, I would have gone bankrupt early in the game. No other MU in the nation has the same camaraderie (or supply policy). I feel that no matter what, EZC will be here. It gives me great security as a player.”
“I can easily finish my daily schedule, gets supplies, visit chats or forums. There is no pressure for daily chat activities.”
“Plus, I really enjoy the EZC shout feed. Unlike the other shout feeds, it’s not covered in ads or b.s. There is more a comradery or however you spell it.”
“Because this is my home. I do not know where else to go 🙂

Again, a big thank you to those that took the time to fill out the survey. We will do our best to make improvements on the areas you have indicated, and to maintain the standard we have set for EZC.

Your suggestions are always welcome.

Lastly, we’d like to take a minute to welcome our newest addition to our QM team, Fabio Robota. He is already doing a remarkable job.

Deepchill EZC CO
Stewy EZC XO
Bigcdizzle EZC XO



Deepchill Day 1,794, 16:53

First denied \o/

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 1,794, 16:58

Because EZCO = BAMF...

Nuff sed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E R M A L Day 1,794, 17:03


Bucephalus92 Day 1,794, 17:16


Dbsndust Day 1,794, 17:29


stewy Day 1,794, 18:18

surveys are fun

bigcdizzle Day 1,794, 18:40

wicked awesome. o7

RockFan Day 1,794, 20:06

EZC FTW ! !! ! ! !! !! ! ! ! ! !1 1 !! !! !

Yonizack Day 1,794, 21:29

EZC - nothing else!

decebal2011 Day 1,794, 22:53

We are the best MU - EZC !

Nemanja2012 Day 1,794, 23:58

I belive that the positon of QM's should have been give to veteran players/ppl who have been with EZC longer and been more active but ultimatly Harry decided to bring in 2 new guys despite my recomendations.

^Answer to all of you who pmed me regarding QM's and to the suggestions about adding more QM's

Bjekac Day 1,795, 00:06


bigcdizzle Day 1,795, 01:18

Nemanja, your opinion on the matter was noted, but in the end we decided that having more QM's would be best for EZC. Plus you must realize that QM is not a reward, it's a job. It is open to anyone who we believe will do a good job.

Nemanja2012 Day 1,795, 03:58

^ your ignorance has been noted also i was for more qm's but we had ppl who applyed for that job way before command change and were told we dont accept anymore,i tought it was only fair to ask loyal,long term members if they are still interested then getting 2 new players.

Raw784 Day 1,795, 10:51

EZC is definitively one of the best MU I saw. Personally, it's my choice #1 !

fingerguns Day 1,795, 12:23


chimichonga barbosa
chimichonga barbosa Day 1,795, 13:11

Kickass. That is all.

Curogane Day 1,795, 13:15

Although I am new at the MU, I must say it is a great Unit.

I second chimichonga barbosa's comment.

MaestroAkel Day 1,795, 14:28

thats my unit...

Ezekiel Thomas
Ezekiel Thomas Day 1,796, 04:49


Shmoop Day 1,818, 10:09


EZC #1

RupTot Day 1,834, 06:20

EZC is null... You can't even provide supplies for your soldiers... You're just a laugh.

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