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eWorld news (5th edition)

Day 1,969, 13:42 Published in USA Bulgaria by Mrs NoLimit

Well hop on the Kitty-express news and lets steam through the smart, the not so smart and the O..M...G why were you booooorn juiciness of Erepublik!

As you know, we have a TW with eMexico, so get those TP medals quick! Here you can read the CP’s statement if you missed it, but it was the top article so.. I guess you’ve seen it 😃
Anyhoohooo as it is said, CoT will have several meetings soon. Last night the new 2 SC were chosen. An article should be posted soon... written by me muhahahahahah cause I was named PR of CoT. Thank you, thank you! Enough tomatoes please 😃

Moving on to the airstrike mania! And we can’t move one without another flying kitty, soooo here u go 😃 (a bit small, but priceless!)

So eBosnia and Herzegovina finally picked a country- eIndia. They managed to free regions, eSerbia has several RWs and it is pretty hard. So they will try to pull a cro-number. I guess EDEN is going Asian 😃 Or will at least try. Funny thing is that eIndia has been suffering to hol regions and is down to 2... eCroatia is holding it all there and it is a breather cause India has and is fighting constantly. Why there? Well one reason is thet I guess eBosnia thinks it will be peaceful there for them and seemingly easy to have 1-2 regions But on the other hand- is eCroatia really willing to shate the territory there? 😃 😃 😃 That is a biiiiiig question. We have seen India has many friends and actually if everything is thought out right, even if eBosnia manages to win the first attack (if they vote yes), it won’t be hard to kick them out of there. for me- fail plan. And if there was any doubt in eIndia if their choice of leaving the EDEN lines (well pre-lines, they never became full members) I think with this EDEN blew chances to look decent in their eyes. But that is just me 😃 So will eBosnia win this? Hm...

If some were wondering how much money does eChina have... Well please feel free to read here... If your chinese is good as mine 😃 (level -99999999), then here is the short version- they.are.loaded!
9679.8 gold and 2560858.92 CNY, if they have more.. I really don’t want to know!

eMalaysia joined NaN. Now it is absolutely official. And it is said, their decision was made based on their occupation by TWO and no help from CoT as they were a pro-CoT country. Their regions are held by Thailand, Montenegro and Indonesia (so not all TWO actually).

eSouth Africa has been an interesting place for different PTO articles the past few days. First you can read this article. It is in english so you won’t have problems. If you are lazy- the writer accuses one specific player form eMacedonia in being a PTO-er. He also says he dissolved one PTO Party with macedonians last month. The macedonian player responds that actually he is not a PTO-er and shows interesting print screens. He tries to prove he actually is trying to help against the PTO and shared he is offended for being called a FYROMian. With a little bit of chocolates things are almost OK now. But then we move to the next article which is the best 😃 The author points a finger at so many countries that .. I got confused. He is saying he is against the PTO movement in general and says the SA problem is not only eBrazil or eIndonesia, but many more.
So... eSouth Africa has some PTO issues... yep, now even I am confused...

In my previous article I showed 2 turkish players explaining why an airstrike would be good. Now one of them wrote yet another helpful article. If you don’t mind using google translate, I suggest you sub him. So in his newest article he tries to explain what will be the best tactic for eTurkey. First ofc is to free themselves from eSerbia and ePoland and then slooowly glide through those macedonian regions and help eIzrael. He even drew an “arrow map”. I hope he won’t mind me showing it here, but I do provide a link to his article, so don’t be mad 😃

The article is very intriguing and I do really hope you read it!

The Economist ~ Admin endorsed cheating (and I suggest you sub him, when he writes- it is always a pleasure to read!)
Another Idea Submitted to Plato
Живот на еРеп-у (мало 0смеха) (I didn’t even read it xD But it has kitties in it! )
[President] Svar till nnook96 (would have written about this in the news section, but I am sleepy, use google translate by yourself xD)
[]MoFa]update on cabinet activity

DarkMistress over and out!

(◕‿-) eWorld news (5th edition)



The Graverobber
The Graverobber Day 1,969, 13:45


Green4x Day 1,969, 13:46

nice gif xD

Green4x Day 1,969, 13:48

voted re-shouted and already subscribed.
the articles is certainly worth to spread out \o/

ilphen Day 1,969, 13:48


dia761 Day 1,969, 13:59


DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 1,969, 15:21

I just love your articles:D plz write moar :3

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,969, 16:23


Dogpyle Day 1,969, 16:40

Always good stuff. Voted.

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,969, 18:29

marvellous!! xx

love the gifs 😁

Idu na Vy
Idu na Vy Day 1,969, 23:36


NKFV Day 1,970, 01:41

Шефка пееееееас але, але!

Darkwing D
Darkwing D Day 1,970, 02:12

Кафев пеерас але, але!

Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Day 1,970, 01:57


Darkwing D
Darkwing D Day 1,970, 02:10

Честито за новия пост 🙂 Ще ти отива.
Абе броях "ако"-тата на босненците, ама се отаказах, че нещо замириса 🙂

Yeridan Day 1,970, 05:28

This has to be one of the best "world news" magazine in the eWorld. I was already subscribed. I would do it again if I could.

TheManiacBG Day 1,970, 08:21

Надявам се да се справиш с новия си пост. 🙂

Wickeyy Day 1,970, 11:04

"He even draw an “arrow map”. The articles is very intriguing and I do really hope you read it!"
All your base are belong to us?

Mrs NoLimit
Mrs NoLimit Day 1,971, 03:51

Като бързам изобщо не проверявам какво съм написала хахаха

Francisco Ferrer Guardia Day 1,970, 19:55

Comment deleted

Hale26 Day 1,971, 18:31

Voted, nice as always

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