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Everyone likes a quiz right?

Day 2,176, 11:22 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by JaredBeare

Hi, I've decided to do a film competition. Below are 2 links, they should take you to 2 pages with a numbered list of film screenshots. To be in for a chance of winning the princely prize of 1 gold and 50 GBP, you need to send me a pm with a list of films the shots are from.

The citizen with the most correct answers wins, if more than 1 person gets full marks, the winner will be decided by a raffle. All entries must be in by Friday (8/11/13), if not, they won't count.

Film Screenshots 1-5

Film Screenshots 6-10

As requested by Thomas765 in my previous article I needed to catch better pokemon, so this is for you. The best pokemon ever, Shuckle!

Also it was mentioned by Novarefuge that if there weren't any tits he'd be pissed. So this is for you.



CheetahCurtis Day 2,176, 11:27

If we are requesting pokemon, I would like to see a magikarp beating up a conkeldurr(or the closest image you can find/photoshop).

JaredBeare Day 2,176, 11:38

Yeah, I may need some help with that, Pokemon requests please.

Sekula Vasiljevic
Sekula Vasiljevic Day 2,177, 09:24

Cheetah where are you,my friend?.Are you angry at me?.Am i offended you with something?.Write to me please?.Let"s be friends again and forget past.

Sekula Vasiljevic
Sekula Vasiljevic Day 2,177, 09:24

!!Hiilariously laughing article Jared!.Voted,subed,shouted!!.

Sexagenarian Day 2,178, 10:56

"Everyone likes a quiz right?"

Nope, most people have better things to do

JaredBeare Day 2,179, 07:29

Yep that's why we play erep, but we all have better things to do.

JaredBeare Day 2,179, 07:40

Quiz is over, oonahgii007 won.

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