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Ever failing President Michael / K0mu

Day 1,866, 09:22 Published in Israel Israel by PowerToys

Comment Thread started by Michael / K0mu

Michael II Augustus wrote 2 days ago
I'm sorry. The RW in Al Jawf was won by us. I was supplying mercs for 2 hours myself, I spend all my own money on supplies and the payment for mercs.
And I did
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Michael II Augustusit all alone we can say (Rickolas and Roai helped a bit) I invited to Israel one strong Polish unit and lots of other friends. I tried to use all my contacts.
But it didn't work. They were very well prepared. Plus EDEN didn't help us AT ALL. They did completly nothing.
2 days ago•Report

Michael II AugustusLooking at the amount of money I have now I am sure I did my best.

I'm sorry once again.
2 days ago•Report

EyshYour comment here is only read by few. And you still think communication is not much better when there us only one MU.
2 days ago•Report

EyshSamson is the reason for this representing the lack of unity in eIsrael
2 days ago•Report

Michael II AugustusIt's not about the unity. We're just weak. And without any help of EDEN we're just one of the weakest country in eWorld.
And I disagree with you. It doesn't matter what one would do it didn't change anything.
2 days ago•Report

Angie VaronaI see
2 days ago•Report

XenophanesI told a neria to direct Samson's efforts against eIsrael in the RW and explained why. I never received a reply,and the entire battle, Samson units continued to fight for eIsrael. Complete bullocks.
2 days ago•Report

Yigal Ha KohenWell, I must give my input. I feel we all need a major overhaul. And to use creativity to figure out a better forum. We need times for people to meet and greet, discuss, give input, and vote their opinions, even though they can't vote on issues. And we need either to put EDEN in shape or get something new, because as it stands we are going to be an occupied country.
2 days ago•Report

Augustus GrimXenophanes +1
The eIDF used to be a large, active, unified army. Now it is dead, and I don't know what's going on with Samson, but what I see is fighting against our interests.

Michael II AugustusWhen was it active, lol? I've been playing more than 2 years now and I've never seen eIDF active.

Augustus GrimIn July, a bit in August, and in October-November. The peak was in the summer.

EyshWhen eIDF is active eIsrael is NOT weak! The only platform in the game where you choose members is MU and communication is the key

Michael II AugustusYou're wrong, AG. It's never been that active. Maybe in the summer there were 2 or 3 active people more. But this is it. The scale of this activity was very low both in the summer and now.

kranaderI don't understand why people were fighting in Beersheba South District when this fight was already lost... We all should have fought in Al Jawf

Augustus GrimK0mu, the eIDF was much more active then. People would talk all the time, there was communication, clear orders that went directly to each soldier, divisions, etc. It was all much more organized and active, and the result was clear - the eIDF was more influential on the battlefield and it was a name I was proud to bear.
23 hours ago•Report

Michael II AugustusYou had really nice dream, I think. I remember when in D4 and D3 people didn't get any supplies for long weeks. In D1 and D2 it wasn't better. There were no orders set for whole days. And the commanders were inactive as hell. I was a member of D4 I know what I am talking about.
20 hours ago•Report

Eysha quick look in egov will show you that by numbers eIDF is almost as active as Samson. if you look at percentage of the citizens it is even more active and if you look further to see the battles - you get the full story. Samson are the reason we wlll lose the country
18 hours ago•Report

Xenophanes"When was it active, lol? I've been playing more than 2 years now and I've never seen eIDF active."
I've been playing for almost 4, was sole General of the eIDF in 09 and 2010, and your statement is simply inaccurate and largely ignorant. It's true, since the advent of private MU's, the eIDF has suffered, but it has always been a force to be reckoned with, this much you'd be a fool to deny.
16 hours ago•Report

XenophanesAnd it can plainly be said: Samson won Al Jawf, eIsrael suffered.
16 hours ago•Report

Michael II AugustusXenophanes, not Samson fought for Israel in Al Jawf but lots of Serbian people and their units. The strong Serbian people fighting against the KSA are the reason of our lost.
14 hours ago•Report

Michael II AugustusSerbia wanted Israel to win this battle. They sent there lots of people. And we both know that Serbia is a superpower. We didn't have any chances. Samson's damage is like the damage of the entire Israel - very small. With or without Samson we would have lost it anyhow.
14 hours ago•Report

Yigal Ha KohenAh, it is very difficult to ascertain the truth of what happened with these things. It always seems things are much more complicated than they seem
14 hours ago•Report

EyshSo instead of just giving estimates which are basically "brown" numbers I went to see the stats in egov, and it clearly shows that the battle was not a clear cut like all Serbian battles and the damage done by Israelis was the decider especially in the lower divisions
8 hours ago•Report

Augustus GrimI don't know what divisions 3 and 4 were like, but divisions 1 and 2 were influential, fun and well-organized, and the high command always communicated and pushed the army to its best.
1 hours ago•Report

Michael II AugustusSo why do you say the eIDF was so great and victorious as whole in the summer while -like you said- you don't know how it looked in D3 and D4?
54 minutes ago•Report

Michael II AugustusEysh,
you are a wrong person to comment on anything connected with Samson fighting against the orders while you fight against orders as well. See the picture I gave. This battle was lost by us by 1 point and if you didn't fight for the KSA we would win it. (We were supposed to win it)
49 minutes ago•Report

PowerToysOrders were not clear at all, so dont blame anyone but yourself or your MoD because of horrible communication!
4 minutes ago

This CP first dissolves the eIDF, no better yet, lets the congress dissolve it, then assumes that everyone can follow his zig-zag policy without even communicating.

This President did not build up anything, but only broke down! Not 1 good thing came from this man, and still he is surprised no one is helping him.

K0mu or Michael II Augustus, no-one is willing to make damage for you, inside and outside Israel!!!! Once you get that between your ears, everything will be more clear to you!



RoaiTG Day 1,866, 12:30

lol this failer wrote an article again? so tell me, did you build up something anytime? anything good you have done for the country? sometime it seems like you are unreal.

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 1,866, 13:39

Michael/K0mu did not fail... Israel failed... this includes you PowerToys .... everyone was all gungho about EDEN while things were doing good... i told you guys a while back this would happen , but certain ppl fought so hard to get Israel in EDEN which was a good thing at the time... but when everyone seen EDEN not caring about their brothers and doing what they wanted to do that should have been a sign to get out... but at that time everything was still good in Israel.... why is it when things go bad for israel finally ppl are talking about perhaps leaving EDEN..... the thing is certain ppl fought real hard to get us in EDEN.. and those same ppl dont want to see what they fought for go away ... even if it means Israel being occupied... these same ppl and their puppets will continue to scream stay in EDEN.... only when Israel quits arguing amonst itself like children will Israel do something.... and to be honest it dont matter what alliance Israel is in... if you allow yourselves to be stepped on.. that is what is going to happen... you will be stepped on.... start taking pride for yourselves guys.... Israel does not have strength it does not have numbers... at least it could have some pride ?

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 1,866, 13:40

perhaps even an ounce of dignity ?

PowerToys Day 1,866, 17:47

Blah blah blah Filthy, K0mu is just completely not able to communicate, to take critism, or organise.
And if you say something about it, he gets an anger attack!

Perfect.Knight Day 1,866, 20:44

powertoys. you know that I know you are smart person. but yet you are not acting as one. don't preach what you have not been practicing.

to sum all your contribution to the community for the HUGE amount of time you are playing. is that you love to complain. and worship joe franco. now i have bit soft spot for joe myself. but at least k0mu is there. where were you?

when did you supply yourself at night for couple of hours instead of sleeping or whatever...when did you go for public office. because from the amount things you complain about ( not that i don't agree with most of it ) you just seem to do only that.

and sorry to say to you bro. you look like a retard while doing so. why?

Filthy McNasty
Filthy McNasty Day 1,867, 03:24


PowerToys Day 1,867, 05:28

why? because i have nothing to gain! you aparently do have something to gain with supporting k0mu.
plus I do not have a soft spot for anybody, only do not like bad presidents like k0mu

Perfect.Knight Day 1,867, 20:53

by using simple logic. i can pinpoint some objective that you may/may not have by using such articles.
out of respect and the foresight i have for you and the state of things that relatively are. i won't...

and also. if ANYONE would think they can do better. either step up.. or shut the hell up.

that is pure logic of people who act and not only use big drama to satisfy their meters of self righteousness,

your article is of someone who is not connected to the same reality that rest of the community lives in.

where you at? are you at congress? in some office of the government? in irc? i don't see you there bro. i know you and i know you are not stupid. yet you act stupid...

Eysh Day 1,868, 00:16

@PK I'm sorry but you got it wrong.
Journalism is the means of criticising without taking part yet it is a very important part of democracy.
Still look at RL Israel and see how some people react when a journalist dare to get involved in politics.

The game is time consuming and the tasks you have mentioned require even more time, not having this time to spent does not mean you should "shut up" as you say, you can choose to listen or to ignore.

Perfect.Knight Day 1,868, 04:12

this isn't jurnalism. it is trash talk. a childish way to put your self righteousness to at ease and make yourself feel about your lack of ability/will/time to do something about all of the shit you write down in that article in the first place.

man... if some of you even began to understand to what people like k0mu want and stand for as players. simply as players. you would be at awe in their sheer intelligence. i don't say powertoys is stupid, i wrote that i know he isn't i am disappointed he chose to trash talk and not to come over to k0mu and say;

"hey look. i don't have the time to do what i THINK you should do... but here are the things. pass it through and if the idea sticks, i did my part" then i would had nothing to say and if k0mu would not even consider that or approached it with the seriousness and the ability he have... i would have been talking same to him like powertoys but again to his own ears ( or eyes in our matter ) not make a drama out of this with article that is clearly states. "i think this guy a douche". it is insulting to the people who don't think that way.

PowerToys Day 1,868, 04:42

You have your own opnion "perfect" Knight, I have my own.
Facts speak for themselves actualy: K0mu only breaks down and doesnt build up anything, and if you feel that is a good president, Israel will know what will happen next period as well.

Perfect.Knight Day 1,868, 10:39

ya man keep on hatin'

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