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European Countries (2): UK Is Taking Over

Day 1,638, 12:10 Published in Germany Germany by Skalg von Tuari

Now, you should be familiar by now with this kind of article. In case you are not - I am presenting you population statistics of some small western european countries. Why did I not choose your country? Obviously I'm not really interested in it. That doesn't mean I'm interested in all the countries I chose - but it does make sense to compare all scandinavian countries and so on. That means, if I decide to include Sweden and Finland, I should also include Norway and Denmark, even though right now they are not important.

Ok, lets spoiler a little bit: I'll always have a winner and a country I will concentrate on while explaining it. Sometimes, those countries will be the same, the reason seems to be evident, so figure it our. Todays Winner: UK.

No, I'm not gonna explain this right now. Ok, so lets start. Last time, my data was from Day 1625 and Day 1631, making it 6 days. This time, it's 7 days, Day 1631 to Day 1368. I'll try to do this approximately every 7 days, but I still have a live, so yeah.

As I have implied before, not much has changed, the UK is still the biggest country population wise, and the gap is growing. The order is exactly the same as last month!

The total population this month was 31922. Now, let's see who has the biggest parts of those!

Still, kinda boring. Now let's compare growth rates.

Now, UK is still having great growth rates, but Germany and Denmark are close up. Slovenia is the only country losing population, but not nearly enough to say their population is actually becoming smaller.

Now, let's have a closer look at the former Strasbourg countries UK, Germany and France. They used to be very comparable and of similar size. However, this has changed in the last 2 weeks:

Well, yeah, as we can see, the UK is having a huge baby boom. Around 2k citizen in only 2 weeks, that's a plus of around 50%! And not long ago, they were around 2.5k. However, there is also a small winner: Germany has had a small baby boom, making it as big as France.

Ok, two more with not further comment:

Yeah, that's it. Hf.
Skalg von Tuari


s0ver3ign Day 1,638, 12:18

UK SchmuK

KleinerTeufel Day 1,638, 14:49


Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,639, 03:41

France also had a baby boom not long ago, and shrunk again. This might also happen in UK. (Or they hold their babies, like they did in Spain.) Please compare: (World Census Day 1562) (World Census Day 1616)

Skalg von Tuari
Skalg von Tuari Day 1,639, 03:47

I know that, Enyavar ; )
but I don't have data about that and If I were to include former glory, Sweden and Slovenia would take more time...

moonburn Day 1,639, 14:47

i think we should invade france take paris and refuse to return it until they have a babyboom of 10.000 citizens

i mean seriously i bet you know the french hate us guys XD i live in paris and i have to say i´m portuguese or i would be killed 😶 (altough i´m really portuguese ... )

just pointing out a few points where we lack in strategy we need a strong france to safeguard us and we´re france best chance for a babyboom

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