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European Countries (1)

Day 1,631, 13:19 Published in Germany Germany by Skalg von Tuari

Well, do you guys know those fancy pancy little stats and graphs someone posts every now and then? Most of those are nothing but a big show off, showing how much damage your country/MU does or who has more babies, Serbia or Poland. What I am missing is some detailed stats about some minor european countries.

Therefore, I started collecting some data, manually of course, since API doesn't like me or anyone. So yeah, I chose some countries I was interested in. It's mainly minor european countries (hence the title). Now let the graphs speak. The data is from Day 1625 and Day 1631 (i.e. now).

As this fancy little table shows you, the UK is currently the biggest nation populationwise. However, most of those are still young babies who still have to learn fighting, so the Frenchies are having some fun playing with them. Not for long, though, should this continue. Their total population was 28458 on Day 1625, let's see who got the biggest parts of those.

As we canh see, the nations were pretty balanced. Today, it's a bit different:

Well, now, how much did the nations grow?

So basically, only UK, Denmark, Portugal and Germany have had grow rates of more than five, the others were somewhere between -5 and +5 (which I am gonna treat as little to no change with countries of that size). And Denmark doesn't count, it's small population mean even little numbers will look like big baby booms and because of it's union with Germany, these numbers aren't accurate - a lot of Danish people took German CS.

Now, one last thing. Let's compare alliances!

As we can see, in these countries, most people are affliated with TEDEN. However, this should not be overestimated, since this is also because of my sampling bias. I didn't, for example, include Slovakia, who would turn the numbers more in favour of ONE, simply because I didn't feel like it. To sum it up, I chose countries who IRL are in the EU or very strongly affliated, are no superpowers and seem interesting to me.

Yeah, that's it. Hf.
Skalg von Tuari


banovano magare
banovano magare Day 1,631, 13:36

I like it. : )

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Day 1,631, 13:39


Schwrzwolf Day 1,631, 13:41

Thanks for including Austria : )

Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 1,631, 13:45

You don't have half of Europe.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,631, 14:03

We had 2200 a few weeks ago

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,631, 14:04

W Europe

MrUndercover Day 1,631, 14:22

well I very much doubt the last cake..

Skalg von Tuari
Skalg von Tuari Day 1,631, 14:26

read the last paragraph undercover

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,631, 15:48

very nice.
Okay, the last cake really proves nothing here

ilphen Day 1,631, 15:53

HisAirness, yes he does, else this article would be called balkan & europe

chacconne Day 1,631, 20:09

"simply because I didn't feel like it" PRICELESS!

LadyGyllenhaal Day 1,631, 22:53

I like it - just one suggestion: please stick to same country colours, e.g. UK purple first and red afterwards gives false impression on first sight 😉


EternalWalk Day 1,632, 02:11


Skalg von Tuari
Skalg von Tuari Day 1,632, 03:17

Lady: tru, I tried to do that but google docs killed it, so I was too lazy to change the colours again. gonna do it next time

guys, just read : o
I didn't include big countries. I didn't include countries like Slovakia who imo hav a different ingame history and are not comparable. I didn't include countries I simply forgot about or cba to include - simply to keep the sample small.

Skalg von Tuari
Skalg von Tuari Day 1,632, 03:18

And the last chart isn't supposed to sau "BOOOYEAH TEDEN IS BIGGER THAN ONE". It says that countries in my sample are mainly TEDEN. What that means? It's yours to decide! Maybe it means my focus is mainly on TEDEN countries. Or maybe it means TEDEN has more smaller countries, making them more vulnerable. And so on. I mainly put it there because I'm gonna look at changes in the future - this time, they were top insignificant to add them.

MrUndercover Day 1,632, 08:09

I read the last paragraph. But you are right I correct myself. I do not doubt the last cake I just wanted to see a different cake^^

Skalg von Tuari
Skalg von Tuari Day 1,632, 09:13

real cake? : 3

Nazar Sivukha
Nazar Sivukha Day 1,632, 12:30

Didn't include Ukraine. What a pity : D

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,632, 18:24

nice :😁

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