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European athletics trainer of the year

Day 1,415, 02:36 Published in Belgium Belgium by Cooke4444

Jacques Borlée has taken a prestigious title in the Athletics world.

Trainer and father of Kevin Borlée (Euro. champion Barcelona, 3rd on the World championships Daegu on the 400m), Jonathan Borlée (Belgian record holder on the 400m), Olivia Borlée (Second olympics Beijing, 3rd on World championships Berlin 4X100m) and Dylan Borlée (still has to prove himself).

Not only being responsible for his children, he's also coach of the 4X400 team of Belgium, which has made exceptional performances on championships.

I think this round-up explains why he won this award. Also his anti-doping mentality and support for better athletics infrastructure in Belgium pleased the jury.



Ely.nea Day 1,415, 02:52

the family Borlée is a very sportive team.

They are best champions in their category.

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