eUK - Need to Watch your Spending (With Cats)

Day 639, 17:46 Published in United Kingdom Bulgaria by Jewitt
20 August, 2009, Day 639 of the New World - Ends up our series of investigative reports got side-swiped by eUSA changes. Fortunately, we found the time after the battles of the day to look around at our former friends across the pond to see how they were. Naturally, we looked at the Bank of England. Being originally formed as an economic/political outlet, The Report had no problem finding the bookmark and looked at its donation trail.

A cute house cat of a local man after reading this article.

Money Well Spent?

Oddly enough, looks like the United Kingdom has just a handful of strong Field Marshall-ranked tanks. Respectable, as many of them are voiced politicos. After tracking this, I have found a total of 200 GOLD just for wellness packs in only two days. This does not include any purchases on weaponry, gifts, and other necessary state items.

We also were looking into the various donations made to organizations and have discovered many publicly-known state subsidized organizations. Dishmcds's organization, Aurum Corp, was the only one we could not find a hint of state subsidization and last we were informed - it was a private entity.

What has this money bought you? Quite a few loses at the hands of Canadian freedom fighters are the only battle outcomes I have seen. Seems like these boys are out having fun with their own tanking.

How Much Will They Spend?

That's the hundred GOLD question, current (or hopefully future) subscriber.

Maybe you guys should call for government oversight in military operation?

The real question should be: Why are they, the government of eUK, spending over 600 GOLD in just the past week on maintaining an empire that was given to them as silver for the betrayal of their N. American allies? Seems appropriate - waste the money now instead of later. At least now you can say it was for "the defense of the eUK."

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If you did not know about this, go and ask your congressman. With elections coming up, it's important to know what is going on in your country.

Vote this sucker up. Even if it is just blowing smoke and it was all accounted for, at least now this gives us a record of it occurring and can be used later on for proper expenditure tracking.

-Jewitt, Chief Editor