eUK Fantasy Football

Day 2,068, 11:59 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by ePocalypse

It’s back! I decided to set up the eUK Fantasy Football league again. It’s the same site as we used last year but this year, I thought we could encourage a few more people to join in by giving it some more publicity outside of the eUK forums.

The league is on the Official Premier League Site as usual and you can enter by clicking on the link in the image below or copying the code:

There are no prizes, other than the sheer joy of beating your friends/rivals.

As usual, there is a discussion thread on the eUK forums for those of you who want a bit of banter.

It should be an interesting season with all of the changes in management at the top teams. In terms of the Fantasy League, all the big names are looking really expensive this year (more so than usual).

You get £100m to spend to pick a squad of 15 players and if you want Van Persie or Bale, they are £14m & £12m respectively – quite a chunk of your budget! I won’t bore you with the rules as they are all on the site, so go and have a look.

The more people we can get in the league, the better. It would be nice to see some new names. You can set it up with an initial team and have the chance to make unlimited transfers until the season kicks off, so no reason to wait until the day before to get started.

If we get enough interest, I may write some updates as the season progresses.

Cheers and good luck,