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eTruth News - Volume 1

Day 1,859, 15:04 Published in Portugal Portugal by The Anaconda

Open your eyes citizens you have been lied to by your very own governments.
While you have been trusting them with the well being of your nations, they have been doing their best to fulfill that trust, or have they...

After long hours of digging for the news, this indefatigable reporter has uncovered many a plot and I say enough with the lying IT IS TIME FOR THE TRUTH and the truth will set you free.

There are many stories to talk about but in this first edition we will start with the biggest of them all

The attack on the United States:

Now many of you have been expecting this to happen for a while now, but not to this extent.

You have been expecting the Serbians (very nice friendly people btw) to be the aggressors with them invading from their foothold in Aquitaine but it is not so. Because contrary to what you have been told, the Serbs are only holding that land for the French because they were asked to, not because they want to invade anyone and especially not for a worthless weapon bonus...
The real invaders will be the United Kingdoms. That's right, your eyes didn't mislead you here. The attack will come from the United Kingdom who with the help of a few other countries we will get to have planned this whole operation in order to get back their 13 colonies.

In fact they have already started establishing their march towards Washington helped by none other than Canada.
But Canada hates the UK right now I hear you say and I tell you it is all but an act to throw everyone off

Canada have as of lately grown weary of their neighbors who have shown weakness in recent weeks and fancy their chances who may not be that bad.

If you thought that was it, you were wrong, there is another player in this coup against the United States and that is China. China has seen their closest ally, Republic of China (Taiwan), get invaded and they do not like it so they have pledged their participation in this attempt to bring down the american eagle.

Need I say more?

Many other countries have also offered their support to this endeavor but these three will be the main actors in the scene. Support in form of fighters as well as resources will be coming from each of Bolivia, Republic of Moldova, Belarus, Finland, Germany, Iran and more (despite many of them having an MPP with the United States).

All I can say is watch out to the United States the threat is bigger than you think and good luck

bringer of Truth

Please subscribe for more Truth and do not be afraid to send me your own truth, the world deserves to know.


CaioMario Day 1,859, 15:06

Voted, lol...

barbinhas Day 1,859, 15:07


Rapaz_avr Day 1,859, 15:08


CatBea Day 1,859, 15:26


Maali Akalka Aki
Maali Akalka Aki Day 1,859, 15:39


JustRunpt Day 1,859, 15:44


John Bokinski
John Bokinski Day 1,859, 16:18


Rona1d Day 1,859, 16:19

JAJAJAJAJA are you still waiting an alliance or change of sides, from eUSA?

keep dreaming

Fairy King
Fairy King Day 1,859, 17:01


The Anaconda
The Anaconda Day 1,859, 18:54

Ronald Stevens its ok, the truth can be hard to take in and I don't expect everyone to see it right away...

Wigga Day 1,860, 07:03


MelkorPT Day 1,860, 09:24

Ok. Good point of view. Try to improve your english.

Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Day 1,860, 09:47


Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Day 1,860, 09:48

Btw the comment by MelkorPT is the funniest thing ever

Mr. Scrat
Mr. Scrat Day 1,860, 10:13


Darth Pointy
Darth Pointy Day 1,860, 11:07

Melkor, a lingua materna dele é o inglês.'s ok.

larrasian Day 1,860, 15:25

v37 s70

Elvimonte Day 1,860, 16:27


CatBea Day 1,860, 18:13


Onde é que aprendes-te inglês???...o/

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