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eThailand needs GRAIN!!!

Day 384, 20:16 Published in Thailand Thailand by beorn080

Looking over the past couple of days regarding the food crisis, I noted something. Several people have purchased food companies to produce food for the nation to consume. However we only have about 15 workers producing grain split between four companies. This isn't enough to supply our 150 plus active citizens with food without importing it. As it stands we will bleed ourselves out attempting to sustain ourselves on foreign grain without backing. As a citizen of eThailand I feel it is important to get grain onto the market at a cheap price to be sustainable. With all the competion for work no one is going to work for a grain company. I think that this wage escalation must end soon else we will bled to death by foreign companies. At current I see no offers except from Muay Thai grain for new employees. From what I understand that company is supplying the needs of the TNT food company.

Is there any general grain company who could use some new workers? I am willing to work for any company providing grain on the eThailand market for minimum wage. Would anyone like to invest in a new grain company with me? Are there any active companies who would like a 5 gold no interest loan to help upgrade to Q2 to increase productivity?



Antonio Salgado
Antonio Salgado Day 384, 20:51

today i went to the market to buy grain, there wasnt muaythaigrain offer, i bought 42 of some other Q2 company.

Antonio Salgado
Antonio Salgado Day 384, 20:53

i think is the: new grain company, q2

as i dont have experience i nthis market and i am just helping the guys of oct holdings i dont know what to comment about the grain prices right now.

beorn080 Day 384, 21:13

Again I had thought that Muay Thai grain was selling straight to the OCT food company but wasn't sure. Even if they are selling on the market it isn't nearly enough for all the food companies or even to provide food for the country at large.

Tom Vousielle
Tom Vousielle Day 384, 21:18

I am working for glass garden grain, rying to do my part.

Callum Day 384, 21:33

I own Glass Garden Grain, but unfortunately 3 of our workers are inactive (keeping them for productivity). I didnt realise I had no offers, so will put some up. I was considering doing something similar to Korbin with regard to employees and partial owning of company. Still trying to work out a plan. If anyone would like to weigh in, feel free to PM me.

Callum Day 384, 21:43

Just put offers up, they may not be the best wages, but I just quickly put it up. When I have more time, I'll evaluate if those wages allow a reasonable price for grain and then reevaluate wages. Depending on finances, I may either upgrade or sell the company if I can not afford to keep it running or dedicate the time to it.

Callum Day 384, 21:46

Forgot to add...

Sooner rather than later, people with high wages will face a (not so) tough decision:
Work for a lower wage at a land company, or only work a couple of times a week for a high wage at different sort of company as the company has insufficient raw materials to produce a good.

If people take action now, then maybe, just maybe, we can avoid this problem.

Callagan Day 384, 22:23

I think I found the problem.

Notice what dominates the job market?

Weapons and Housing.

Both of which have the most high paying jobs out there, along with the lowest income tax and the highest import tax. Plus, they pay the highest starter wages (except for moving tickets) and continue paying the highest wages the higher up you go in the skill ladder.

We don't need 4 weapons companies and 5 housing companies splitting up the labor even in their own industry. We need to break down the insane wages these companies put out. The most efficient way to get this into their heads is to make it unprofitable for all of them to use this wage leap frog game.

I'm pretty sure that there's a better way, but I think that a very crude solution would be to up the income taxes on these sections. By doing this, we could make it very difficult for them to make profits in these industries without lowering wages or bringing up prices. The unfortunate aspect of this would be the businesses more than likely raising prices on those goods to very high levels for a short time, but once they start selling less of those unnecessary items, they will begin to bring prices down as well as wages in order to make ends meet.

Of course, I could be completely wrong and this could kill our economy completely. Who knows, I'm not an economy expert here.

Also, we currently have no entry level grain or food jobs.

Asylum Inc
Asylum Inc Day 385, 23:32

Added grain jobs skill level 0 to 5 @ Grain asylum

Katran Day 385, 23:35

Callum, I'm working for your grain company now. Making wood is profitable, but I guess eating is a priority at the moment.

Callum Day 385, 23:48

I noticed just then that a lot of the companies with food on the market actually have a plentiful supply of grain, and few workers. It is only the ones with 10 employees that are running out of grain.

Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts Day 385, 04:32

Quote: I think I found the problem.

Notice what dominates the job market?

Weapons and Housing[/quote}

This is easy to answer. (Valyrian Steel owner) We export 99% of our product, especially weapons. With all the wars going on right now, its a boom for the weapons industry and I can literally support 10 citizens through my company alone (food and gifts).

As soon as gifts pop back up on the Thai market, I'll buy purchasing at least 50 to gift all my employees. Hell, if people stick with my company long enough, I may attempt to work out a deal to buy a q3 house for them business is so good.

Alvaro Araujo
Alvaro Araujo Day 385, 08:00

The problem:
1. High salaries
2. Food/Grain less
3. Weapons/Houses exports

The solution:
1. Low the Income and VAT taxes for Food/Grain
2. High the Income and VAT taxes for Weapons/Houses

What happen?
1.The Weapons/Houses industries get less profit and the lower the salary proposals at the human resourses. This kind of industrie is just for export to other countries so we "dont really need it" They use the Thai population just because they receive low salaries.
2. The Food/Grain industry get more employee because the general salary level. So we can produce more and at low prices!
3. Any economy can only develop other industries when it have a strong food/grain structure.

Congress people, discuss this for a better economy. Dont think only in your Weapons/Houses companies.

Gentyle Day 385, 09:30

Funny how virtual worlds can imitate reality.

Politicians in the real world have shares in housing and defense while the poor farmers suffer.

Not accusing anyone of anything. Just more kind of making a joke.

beorn080 Day 385, 10:31

@Alvaro: the only taxes that affect an exporter in eRepublik are income taxes in the country they are working in, and VAT and import taxes in the country exported to. Note that income taxes are paid by the worker, not the company. So all you do by raising income taxes is hurt the worker. Granted I have been an advocate of using income taxes to encourage job switching to land companies, it wouldn't do anything to the company unless people switched away.

Alvaro Araujo
Alvaro Araujo Day 385, 11:33


The income tax can do 2 things. First it takes a part of the work salary, so the salaries of theese industries will low to food/grain level. Secondly it affect the collect profit in the company, so their profits will be lower, or they wont collect it.

About the VAT, it steal the national market. So maybe their internal sells can get low.

I just want with this to open the owner's of theese companies eyes! They just want to take advantage of producing in Thai and then export to other countries.

Ealb Day 385, 14:32

>About the VAT, it steal the national market. So maybe
>their internal sells can get low.

Roughly speaking, there ARE no internal sales of Weapons in eThailand, and very few of Houses.

Callagan Day 385, 15:47

Sorry, I thought income tax took the company's money. And, although raising the income tax would still work, it would hurt a lot of people.

niceboy0222 Day 385, 15:57

The problem: Protectionism leads to stagnation

I makes me sad to see that all solutions offered lead to the same mistakes.

Before the elections everyone was saying how little we needed imports, how much we should raise import taxes and promote "national" companies. Now it looks as if our country did not have enough population to maintain itself and produce a sufficient amount of RM's so you turn on exporting companies with a view to killing the little prosperity that was starting to flourish.

If you continue with a narrow minded attitude, it will get worse and worse. Many of you are hoping for the country to be self sufficient in everything, cut ourselves out of the outside world and run an isolationist regime which will be bound to fail. You could alternatively play your role in a global world. Allow imports of RM's, allow and promote exports of every product, use merchant traders to provide for the general population and, maybe, we will all be better off.

Become envious and turn on the successful companies with extortionate taxes and you WILL be killing the little wealth that the country is producing. But, of course, that will be hard for the centralising and controlling power freaks (with respect).

DRAGON'S TEMPLE Day 385, 16:12

grain now product to thai

Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts Day 385, 16:29

1.The Weapons/Houses industries get less profit and the lower the salary proposals at the human resourses. This kind of industrie is just for export to other countries so we "dont really need it" They use the Thai population just because they receive low salaries. /quote

Absolutely false. I am a large purchaser of gifts (when available), the gold I get from exporting goes directly into Thailand's domestic market.

I also participate in the currency market here. The salary of 28thb for a skill 5 worker isnt much...and the worker's definitely benefit has they use their baht in the Thai markets as well.

I dont see how punishing a successful Thai business is the solution. Im still running the company with 5 its not like Im hoarding them all to myself.

Eventually some of these unprofitable companies have to fold, or we get more citizens. That is the solution.

Guy Kilmore
Guy Kilmore Day 385, 16:49

@niceboy: We did discuss protecting only certain sectors of Thailand by raising the taxes for "unwanted" sectors and making the other sectors more profitable.

The problem we saw as this serves to discourage activity. A small group, the voting elected officials and president, is forcing a very specific direction. This was taken as an extreme solution and one that I frown upon.

In my mind this is a momment for us to determine what companies can stick and survive. It also provides us a momment to grow and increase the populace. If our population can't sustain itself then it will become important to figure out what are the needed markets to our survival and what can we depend on outside factors.

@Jack: I agree too many unprofitable companies and not enough workers.

Korbin King
Korbin King Day 385, 18:07

@Guy - "A small group, the voting elected officials and president, is forcing a very specific direction." - I had to reread this a few times. The "IS forcing" at first seemed to read as if we were already doing this. My mistake. I just wanted to mention it in case anyone else read it incorectly. I think you meant to say "would have been forcing". Yes?

Guy Kilmore
Guy Kilmore Day 385, 18:41

"would have been forcing" is what I should have wrote 😛 My apologies, for the confusion.

Ealb Day 385, 19:22


If at all possible, you need to upgrade Glass Garden Grain to Q2. Doing so will mean an immediate 80% increase in net output. I personally have a modest pile of Gold accrued from various medals gathering dust, so if that's an issue send me a PM.

niceboy0222 Day 386, 11:21

Hey nothing personal but I enjoy the ideological debate:

"our labor pool is poorly distributed across the sectors"

It would be a mistake to force people into certain jobs by tax decree and by making them unemployed in their currently well paid jobs just because they do not serve a closed and centralised economy. If we do this, the risk is that many people may become disappointed and leave the country.

"you want the government to levy no taxes to speak of, too..."

I never said that. I always advocated low import taxes to create revenue without suppressing trade. But I was advocating around 40% import taxes and I admit that even that is probably excessive. Remember, 10% of 100 is more than 50% of 10.

I do not think that we need excessive inflation but I also have the experience of the UK deflation of a couple of months ago. Everybody getting rid of GBP to buy gold. Not a nice situation to be in either.

"Working towards self-sufficiency is safer ..."

Provided it works as it has not done so far.

beorn080 Day 386, 12:28

So niceboy, we should encourage weapon makers to continue raising the wages and thus cost of living for everyone, because foreign industry will sell us food for cheap. That doesn't work either. The problem lies in the admins "simplification" of the skill structure. Food and weapons do not take the same skills to make but this game makes it seem so. With our weapon industry offering wages that are spiraling out of control, we can't possibly expect food to compete. If we can't make our own bread, and can't eat weapons, we will have to leave the country because there is no bread.

"Working towards self-sufficiency is safer ..."

Provided it works as it has not done so far.


niceboy0222 Day 386, 12:37

It is a great lesson to learn that you cannot control everything

Investment-SO Day 386, 13:05

I can promice you, if the weapon company pays higher salaries then the workers will afford the food. That is sure. Lower the Importtax on food if you need more of it.
If there is a sudden lack of food PM me and I can solve it, I have 500 Q3 food (right now it is expensive, I don't count on selling it for 15 bath. But it's better to have one high offer then no offers. When I need bath I will lower it to a reasonable level) and 4000 Q1 food (in Sweden, but that can be fixed if you lower importtax).

You should realy have 0% importax on raw materials too, because you can only produce them at halfspeed compared to the rest of the world. If I remember correctly there is at least one company in a high grain region with an exportlicene to Thailand, but it stopped exporting here after the taxraise.

Btw, if you export weapons for gold, then that gold can be used to import food and raw materials to thailand. Easy math.

/frozen4, congressman in Sweden (just here to help you).

gifts--spain Day 386, 13:29

Those of you who doesn't want Q5 houses in Thailand, what do you think those with construction skill should produce then?

beorn080 Day 386, 14:30

They could work for the DS company to provide a service to our country. They could start training their land skill as I am doing to provide food for the country.

niceboy0222 Day 386, 15:21

This is a free country and it is unlikely that construction workers will just ignore their aspirations or become farmers because the government does not want to lower taxes to import food and grain.

We have to carry people with attractive ideas, not push them against their will. Otherwise they will become resentful.

beorn080 Day 386, 17:18

They can always leave niceboy. If they are money hungry workers who only have their bottom line as their guiding principal, then they are the ones driving wages as they are. Once those who are chasing money leave eThailand, then those who actually care about it can get back to work.

Sprout Day 386, 19:13

I'm doing my part. I'm the newest employee of Grain Asylum.

niceboy0222 Day 387, 14:50

Beorn, that is really not the attitude. If you start blaming people rather than find the solution you will shoot yourself in the foot. Also, I never thought I would hear anybody say that they wanted people to leave the country!

niceboy0222 Day 388, 18:12


If people do not like my ideas they should refute them with arguments (like you have done) and not just tell those who disagree to leave the country. Just the fact that I express different ideas should not justify developing "an attitude".

With my ideas, obviously, I do not see that the negative consequences that you so eloquently state in your comment would necessarily happen. However, there is no doubt that we will continue to debate them in the future. That is, provided the majority do not object to opposing views being expressed...

I am sorry if you felt that I described my ideological opponents as "authoritarian bullies" or "heavy-handed haters of freedom". I have never used such words and that was never my intention. If that is how it came across I apologise and I will take more care in future. Equally I would appreciate it if nobody took a derogatory tone replying to my comments either.

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