eSouth African April Cabinet

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Hello eSouth Africa

Firstly let me thank again everyone that has had confidence in me and allowing me this honour of having a say in directing eSA's future. As I mentioned before, last few days have been pretty hectic in terms of RL, but hopefully back now for my 22hrs a day eRep fix.

As promised in my earlier article, please find below the cabinet for April. Members of cabinet are people that are selected by the Country President(CP), who he feels would best serve the countries needs. These cabinet members are referred to as Ministers, and they all have their fields that they will be working in. So without further suspense:

April eSouth African Cabinet

President: Greyhunter

Vice President: zamrg (also Chief of Staff)

Minister of Defence: Ines Schumacher
Deputy MoD : Conrad Dietoten

Minister of Security: Mulderpf
Deputy MoS: wincenty1

Minister of Finance: Lazer fazer
Deputy MoF: Dreamer_KF

Minister of Foregin Affairs: Oceanus
Deputy MoFA: Caminoix

Minister of Information: Merle Corey
Deputy MoI: Fhaemita Malodorous

Minister of Social Development: Nickerball
Deputy MoS😨 Samgibz

UPDATE: ALL slots filled thank you for all your applications. Please dont feel down if you have not received a post. There will be other ones available under each ministry, but they will make the announcements.

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The main function that I wish to encourage is the fact that the deputies are relatively new players who are keen to gain experience and working knowledge of the department they will be working at. Also, the deputies must gain sufficient knowledge that if under any circumstances, the Minister in the respected field is unavailable, the Deputy must be able to take over seamlessly. I would encourage all “younger”players to apply for the posts.

Also there have been a few changes. Ministry of Trade will fall under Ministry of Finance and be a directors post. Ministry of Education falls under Ministry of Social Development etc.. Those posts will be given a “director” status. I will post the duties expected from each minister in the Cabinet section on the forums so please make sure to check those regularly.

Yours faithfully

eSouth African President